Can’t Complain

You hear it all the time, angry grumbles from students about problems this school has, but when will the grumbles finally end? It’s about time that students faced the facts and stopped complaining about things that they have no right to be so angry about, like getting to graduate from the new school, and not getting laptops for their work.

Students coming to Aviation High School were promised many things at the beginning. Each year the rumor of getting to graduate from the new building was spread. Then the promise of new laptops for each student’s personal use. These promises are nice, and very enticing, but we knew they weren’t going to happen almost as soon as we walked through the AHS doors.

This isn’t to say great things haven’t happened for us, and that we shouldn’t be appreciative of the efforts put into our education and high school experience. There are many things we students should be grateful for.

We here at Aviation High School are the beginning of what already is a well respected and very promising school. Just this last summer some students from our school were able to attend a video conference with astronauts on the International Space Station, and every summer our students are invited to go see the Blue Angels and meet with their pilots. Also, we’ve gotten an invitation to go see the President of the United States, a great honor.

Along with these rare and amazing opportunities, those with ASB cards are able to visit the Museum of Flight anytime they wish, for free! We get mentors hand picked for us, we get intense, college prep, and we get teachers who are actually interested in us as people, and our success in the adult world.

When we are inclined to think about broken promises and lost hopes that we have had for AHS, we need instead to remember the wonderful things that were and are provided for us .Understandably, students are still frustrated with few broken promises in particular.

The one promise still being upheld, one that isn’t a student-fed rumor, is every student getting their own laptop, or other similar device, to use during their years here at AHS.

The laptops will supposedly go to the students when they enter the new school building. Seeing as the building hasn’t been built, students should understand that they aren’t going to get the laptops yet, if at all. This is heartbreaking for some students, like ones who can’t afford their own electronics. But once you were in the school for a week or less, most students understood this wasn’t going to happen before the move to the new building.

The biggest complaint heard among upperclassman is that we don’t get to graduate from the new building. What are you complaining about? It was obvious to those of us who aren’t getting to graduate from the new building that we never would, so this shouldn’t be some big surprise that throws everyone off

Many people, including Ms. Gilman, have had to work extremely hard , and raise a large amount of money to get the new building to the point it’s at today, getting started. The new building is being created as swiftly as it possibly can be, and we shouldn’t be complaining about how long it’s taking unless we’re willing to get our hands in there and do the work to make the dream of the new building come to life.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t be upset that you were told something would happen, and then it didn’t. What I am saying is that you should think about the likelihood of these promises occurring. Then compare the negatives of the promises not happening to the positives of everything that Aviation has had to offer you. There are many awesome things that have happened at AHS, and we should be appreciative of those things.

Don’t stop getting upset over things that are wrong. Don’t stop trying to improve the school, how it operates, and how students get to interact amongst themselves and with the outside world. But do learn to pick and choose your battles by deciding which are the real problems. Some problems you can’t change, but it’s important to be aware of them so that in time you’ll be able to find a way to change them, or a healthy way to adapt to them. Some you can change, but they don’t really matter, and you should be cautious of them, but they aren’t worth your time. Never pick a battle that you can’t win, that really only serves to stir up irritation among your fellow students.

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