Winter Ball arrives in the midst of Spirit Week

Sophomore student Mekhi Weekly dresses in spirit for pop culture day as Jimmy Hendrix representing the fun ideas ASB plans for Spirit Week.
Photo Credit: Semay Alazar

During Spirit Week starting Jan. 22 through Jan. 26, there are unique events that ASB committee plans for the RAHS student body, including the annual Winter Ball dance.

RAHS Junior Abdi Osman, is on the ASB committee, helping to come up with fun and interesting ideas and activities for students on Spirit Week.

“Monday we have class colors which is what we start off with on Spirit Weeks. Tuesday we have twin day, so you can choose a friend or anyone you want and match up with them,” said Osman. “On Saturday, Jan. 27, we have Winter Ball.”

In regards to the Winter Ball, ASB is a fundamental catalyst in pushing an event into action for all RAHS students. In particular, RAHS sophomore Nick Ankuta is on the Winter Ball planning committee in ASB.

“I did a lot of work on Winter Ball. Pretty much the entire ASB coordinated some efforts towards achieving all the things that go into it,” said Ankuta. “It looks like when planning for dances you have to coordinate with teachers and administration.”

Furthermore, other considerations are pertinent when planning an event like Winter Ball.

“We bend the dress code a little bit but not too much,” said Ankutta. “How we plan the assembly is a lot of logistical things, doing the dance, the finance, reserving the BPC, reserving this and that, getting a DJ.”

Some experience does help when being a part of the planning committee of a big dance like Winter Ball.

“This is my second time [planning the Winter Ball],” said Ankutta. “It’s a lot easier this time because I definitely know how to do these different things when it comes to contacting people, making sure everything is accounted for, so it goes a lot smoother and is more professionally done.”

A fascinating, exciting part of annual dances is the addition of new renditions and themes. Each year brings a new aspect to the Winter Ball tradition.

“This is our second year doing Winter Ball so it’s still a pretty fresh thing. We have our winter wonderland [theme], so that goes with it,” said Ankuta. “We plan to have some fake snow, so that is kind of exciting.”

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