The school year is almost over, but the fun isn’t

As the school year comes to a close, RAHS busies itself with a multitude of end of the year celebrations and events.
RAHS principal Therese Tipton is excited about all of the events that will occur in June.
“We’ve actually created this [calendar], and I’ve shared this with our ASB because I meet with them every week,” said Tipton.“The end of the year [is] really cool because even for a small school we have a lot of really neat traditions.”
After SBAC testing was completed on 24 May 2018, end of the year events, such as award assemblies, began to come in.
“There’s all of the testing stuff obviously,” said Tipton, “but we have the freshman-sophomore awards assembly, the junior-senior awards assembly, we have the senior scholarship awards, and we have the all-school end of year assembly”
Some big events that have happened very recently include the 7 June 2018 all school awards assembly and the 7 June 2018 release of the yearbooks.
Another important event that occurred was the new iteration of the school lip dub on 8 June 2018. Kenny Pham, RAHS junior and ASB president, came up with the idea.
“The lip dub is a filmed video of participants lip syncing to songs while walking through the entire school.” said Pham. “As they walk around, everybody else in the school will be in the sidelines cheering and representing their clubs.”
The lip dub included fun songs like “Glorious” by Macklemore, “September” by the band Earth Fire & Wind and “Finesse” by Bruno Mars & Cardi B, featuring the entire school.
“Students who signed up to participate as lip dubbers will be lip syncing to songs as they walk through the entire school with clubs and students in the sidelines,” said Pham. “I’m going to be filming the lip dubbers go through the first floor, third floor, then second floor, through locations they were assigned to.”
The final cut of the lip dub video will be presented to the RAHS community on the last day of school.
“An edited, finished version of the lip dub will then be shown to the entire school,” said Pham, “most likely during the last day of school assembly. It’s a really awesome way to celebrate the end of the year in my opinion.”
An exciting part of the lip dub is the importance it holds to the connectedness of the school.
“As they walk around, everybody else in the school will be in the sidelines cheering and representing their clubs.” said Pham. “It’s a fun end of the year video to create with the entire school to celebrate the amazing community we’ve built with each other as RAHS students.”

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