Senior Showcase Showdown

Senior Hannah Kaiser explains details of her engine rebuild project to Dr. Edgerton during the Senior Showcase.
Photo By: Semay Alazar

Despite some speculation on whether or not the Senior Showcase had enough participants, the event, which occurred on 30 and 31 May 2018, featured several impressive projects such as rebuilt cars, scratch-built go-karts, and auto-piloted drones.
RAHS senior Alex March presented his project, a restoration of a 1968 Ford Mustang, to staff, students, and visitors during the showcase.
“It was a project I intended to do anyway,” said March, “it went very well and there was a lot of support coming from everyone.”
In addition to accomplishing his goal, March believes the Senior Showcase is a great way to display students’ interests and ideas.
“It sparked conversation with people during and after the Showcase,” said March, “and at the end of it I have a running Mustang I can drive.”
March believes the Senior Showcase was a great way to see impressive ideas and projects developed by his peers while being an easy and rewarding experience for those participating.
“I was very impressed by Teo’s Go-Kart,” said March, “it was really cool to see that he built it entirely from scratch, and to see it there in person was a good experience.”
Even though she was not a participant, RAHS senior Helena Cassam found the Showcase an impressive display of students’ projects.
“It was really cool to see what our fellow classmates have been doing all year,” said Cassam, “and how their own personal interests and passions can play a role in those projects.”
One such project was the rebuild and restoration of a Ford 302 engine from an F-150 by RAHS seniors Brandon Santillan and Hannah Kaiser.
“It was a huge learning experience for both of us,” says Kaiser. “It was really interesting seeing all the people coming in who knew things about engines we could talk to, or that didn’t and we could teach.”
Santillan believes that while the project was tough at points, the Senior Showcase was a worthwhile and beneficial project.
“It was an extremely hard project and it took some getting used to putting in the late hours after school,” said Santillan, “but the senior project really put it into place and gave us a reason to re-build it for a cause.”
Santillan and Kaiser both believe that the senior project has taught valuable life skills to use in the real world.
“Certainly this taught us a lot about being able to take a step back and look at what’s happening in a large-scale project,” said Santillan, “but it also taught us a lot about teamwork and being able to work together effectively.”
Santillan, March, and Kaiser all highly recommend that students seriously consider participating in the Showcase.
“You need to start early,” said Santillan, “but it’s absolutely something that’s taught me a ton about engines and cars that I’ll keep using for the rest of my life.”
Cassam also recommends that future students participate in the Showcase.
“It’s something I actually regret not doing,” said Cassam. “It isn’t hard to do especially if you’re already working on projects and it’s a good experience with the possibility of scholarships as well.”
The winners of the Senior Showcase and the prizes they’ve won will be announced on 7 June, and any underclassman interested in participating in future years can visit Ms. Wombold for more information.

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