Science Olympiad, Ultimate Frisbee fundraise for their events

The rose sale is one way Science Olympiad raises funds for competitions.
Photo By: Ryan Lipour

Science Olympiad and Ultimate Frisbee hold fundraising events like the Rose Sale and the PTSA Auction to generate funds for their respective activities.

RAHS senior Miles Bush has been engaged in the Ultimate Frisbee team since freshman year and has experience with various fundraising events.

“We need fundraising [because] it’s expensive to get jerseys and things like that,” said Bush. “We have to ask people to pitch in their own money for things like jerseys as well as pitch in their own money for playing on the team to pay for tournament fees, [which] gets expensive. [Also] we need new frisbees [because] frisbees wear out every year.”

As a result, from all the many things Ultimate Frisbee has to fund, there are various fundraising avenues and methods.

“It’s a little over $100 to play for each season, so we get funds through the PTSA,” said Bush. We also get funds through starting fundraisers like selling duffel bags.”

The Vice President of Science Olympiad, senior Grace Zoppi, recognizes the many events that Science Olympiad needs to fund.

“We travel down to Camas, so we have to rent a bus and rent hotel rooms,” said Zoppi. “Most of the fundraising money goes to that, and then there is a lot of cost on the builder’s side to buy supplies for wood to build towers or parts to build airplane hovercrafts. Money goes to all those different devices.”

With all the various events requiring funding, Science Olympiad holds fundraising to gather necessary funds.

“The majority of our funds come from the PTSA auction, said Zoppi, “and then we raise additional funds through our team dues and the ornament sell and the rose sales.”

The RAHS Science Olympiad treasurer, Connor Whitlock, is in charge of the planning and allocation of the funds for events as well as bookkeeping and tracking of the funds.

“Any of the executive members come to the meetings to plan team events like when we hoisted the invitational or different things like transportation food building scheduling for the events that we go to,” said Whitlock. “All the executives are responsible for that. I am responsible for keeping the log of any time we do any fundraising requests, anytime we make any expenditures for food, hotel. I am also responsible for communicating with Mrs. Keithly the registrar to handle any documentation that we make of our finances.”

Furthermore, there are multiple places for the funds since Science Olympiad participates in competitions.

“I was elected at the end of last year for this year’s season,” said Whitlock. “Most of the money raised through the movie night and rose sale go to paying for materials for our projects that we compete with. Most of our money goes to transportation to and from Camas or regionals and if we make that far to state, and then lodging at Camas and state because they are far enough away for us to stay the night.”

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