RAHS students head off to U.S Naval Academy

Juniors Harrison Korin and Conner Whitlock will be participating in the Naval Academy program this summer. During the program, they will live as a cadet for one week, going through the agenda as any other admitted cadet. This would include training, extracurricular activities, drills, and parades.


The application process is similar to any other application one would use to be admitted to a school.


“It was pretty standard, it was nothing different that you would do for a normal school or camp application,” said Whitlock. “You fill out boxes that explain the sports, awards, and extracurricular activities that were done.”


Since Whitlock has participated in a large number of extra curricular activities both in school and out of school, he feels that his chances of admittance were increased. As a part of the Robotics Team and Science Olympiad at RAHS, Whitlock felt confident in his application.


“I made sure to mention the events that I went to as well as internships that was offered here,” said Whitlock. “Events such as the Pathfinder Gala and the Joe Sutter Dinner, which were great to put on my resume to show that I am active with extracurricular.”


Whitlock has heard a lot about the program, but would still like to experience it first hand in order to get a feel for what it is actually like.

“The reason I wanted to do is because I have never been to the Naval Academy and I wanted to see what it would look like,” said Whitlock. “I also read a lot and talked to a lot of people on what it was like to be a cadet but I have never experienced it.”


Korin began in the first week of the program, June 5-9, so he missed a week of school.. Whitlock will begin the program on the third week, the week Summer Break begins.

When the program begins, there will be different tasks to be completed. This includes a lot of physical activity, such as mile runs, push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. All activities are obligatory, and every cadet is to complete them on a daily basis, for as long as they are instructed.


“Because I do not do any physical sports, I feel like I am not as fit as I would like to be,” said Whitlock. “I feel like I am not up to where I would need to be for the academy.”

The program will definitely push the individual to physical fitness. Although Whitlock feels like this could be a sort of challenge for him, but he is excited about this summer’s journey.


Senior Xhelan Sylve has had class with Whitlock several times in the past three years, and has observed many traits he feels will benefit Whitlock in the program.


“He has persistence [and] tenacity, and I feel like those are very great asset to have,” said Sylve. “I feel like he would be an ideal candidate as a cadet for the U.S Naval Academy.”


Many of Whitlock’s friends agree that he is a good fit for his alternative summer plans, noting his personal skills.


“He is a really good leader in Boy’s scout,” said junior Jeff Spath. “He’s really good with time managment and in my opinion is physically fit for the program.”


Whitlock is excited about personal and professional growth he could acquire in the program.


“I am very excited about seeing what life would be like since I know that nothing compares to actually experiencing it at hand,” said Whitlock. “You can read about, talk about it, but nothing you read about or talk to other people about while compare to actually experiencing that life for yourself.”


Whitlock understands that in order to be fully prepared for the Naval Academy, he should ideally know what to expect.


“I think that it is a big deal and a big step in admission to any to the academy is to have experience with what it is like,” said Whitlock. “This would also include knowing what you are getting into.”






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