RAHS revises the dress code

Students have a variety of business casual clothing options to wear from the office if not following the new revised dress code.

The new dress code announced by ASB during the first day of school assembly allows RAHS students to wear a more relaxed clothing style, such as wearing shorts in May if they want.

As the dress code allows for more flexibility, some students, such as RAHS junior Kristina Chen, are excited about these new revisions.

“I do like the new dress code,” said Chen, “so wearing what I want isn’t that much of a problem.”

Chen, though, is already happy with the current dress code.

“I already wear things that are similar to what we can and are supposed to wear,” said Chen.

As a result of the similarity to last year’s dress code, Chen sees the dress code as fair.

“I find [the dress code] the same as last year,” said Chen, “so I guess I find [the revisions] fair.”

The revised dress code requires business casual clothes as it’s a fundamental part of RAHS culture, and Chen supports the business casual aspect.

“I actually kind of enjoy the dress code [because] I like wearing button up shirts,” said Chen, “so I guess [business casual is] my favorite type.”

However, the consistency of the revisions to the previous dress code are one of the more important parts of the revised version according to senior Erik Harang.

“I like t-shirts,” said Harang, “and I think there is more freedom to wear them on Fridays.”

Furthermore, the revised dress code builds upon the old standards that the students have grown accustomed to.

“Personally, I have really grown into khakis,” said Harang, “and I really like khakis at this point.”

According to some students, such as RAHS senior Toshi Take’, the new dress code requirements are not so convenient.

“I currently do not own bermuda shorts specified by the dress code that I can wear on May 1 until the summer,” said Take’, “nor do I plan to buy them because those look really wack.”

In addition to the impracticality of the new dress code and business casual format, Take’ believes the RAHS dress code may not convey the professional atmosphere it intends to.

“It doesn’t reflect anything of the industry standards in the aerospace industry like our school wants to provide,” said Take’. “It provides no real value to us as students. Otherwise we should buy chinos to look professional.”

However, despite some beliefs against the dress code’s industry reflection, many still believe the revised dress code allows for freedom of expression and comfort including the variable types of shoes students wear.

“My favorite article of clothing is shoes because you can express yourself in different ways,” said Take’. “I can wear whatever shoes I want except for flip flops, so it doesn’t matter.”

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