Pageants, Dances, and… Spandex?

The ASB at Aviation High School has big plans during second semester to raise money, have fun events for students, and to show our school’s spirit.

This semester, ASB has planned “several big events” for students, according to Jenny Gao, ASB President. A few of the things that are on the calender for this semester are dances (which each include a spirit week and a pep assembly), a St. Patrick’s day shamrock game (The guys’ version of the heart game on Valentines Day) and other new events such as the Mr. Aviation pageant, Aviation’s first ever male pageant.

“As always,” adds Gao, “we still have many spirit competitions and advisory competitions planned. For instance, an annual one we do is the Peeps decorating competition.”

The Mr. Aviation pageant that ASB recently began collection applications for, is an event that focuses on the guys at Aviation. They were already given the opportunity to submit their forms, and will participate in the pageant on March 30. The pageant has two parts, a fashion show and a talent show. Since this is the first male pageant that Aviation has had, it’s a new opportunity for the guys here.

“Because its the first time,” says freshman applicant Carlos Navaro,“they’re trying to start something, you might as well join.”

There are also dances that are planned for the new semester, include the Spring Fling—a casual dance, and of course Prom, which is being planned by the ASB Prom committee.

“With each dance comes a spirit week and pep assembly,” Gao said, “so we are busy planning those at the moment.”

At Aviation, ASB has many weekly meetings. One of the things that they do is sit down and come up with ideas for each semester. They come up with their own ideas, build off new ideas and talk about what events would be fun to do. They also come up with some pretty crazy ideas.

“Someone suggested that we sell spandex underwear with various slogans on the backside,” said Gao, Needless to say, it did not end up in our final clothing collection.”

However, some of the ideas that are suggested and utilized, are actually borrowed from leadership conferences, as well as other schools that ASB has observed being successful. This is because Aviation school is so new, that the school does not have as many traditions as other high schools.

Another thing that most people don’t realize, is how much work students put in so that our school has these great events that have been so successful. To make these events happen, the ASB needs to divide up the work, and then for each event they need to talk to both administration and teachers. Also, they need approval and help from other students. One way that this is achieved is by communicating with Mrs. Fitz’s Leadership class. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process—communication.

“The amount of events we put on,” says Gao, “requires constant work and all of our time. ASB is constantly working inside and outside of school to plan these various events.”

Events so far this year have included a spirit week (although it was cut short) and a spirit assembly that accompanied Tolo, and then the Valentines day heart game. A fundraiser that ASB has conducted already is the match-maker pages that was scheduled as a valentines day event. These have all been really successful. A majority of AHS students who were asked said that their favorite event so far has been the spirit week (or days) but more specifically, the spirit assembly that Valentine’s Day week.

“I enjoyed the lively atmosphere,” said sophomore Justin Knutson. “It had kind of a charged atmosphere.”

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