New club unlocks unique opportunities for students

ACE Club prepares before placing wreaths to support veterans.
Photo Courtesy of: Dr. Edgerton

RAHS students are attempting to create a new Key Club, in order to give people opportunities to volunteer and give back to those who are in need. There is still work to be done as far as forming it, but Key Club is definitely on its way to becoming an opportunity for RAHS to give back to the community.

Sophomore student Wren Bergin is a Key Club member and involved in the process of creating the new club. She is excited about working with Kiwanis International, a coeducational service club, to create a positive experience for club members.

“We’re not technically a club yet, we actually have our meeting with Kiwanis, who is our sponsor, on Tuesday the 5th of February,” said Bergin. “We have our paperwork and we’re going to be fundraising, so we’ll be starting it soon.”

Key Club is quite similar to Interact Club, as they both are volunteer based clubs, but Bergin notices some key differences between them, including the ability for Key Club to work with other schools.

“Interact Club is sponsored by a local Rotary [Club], but with Key Club, we’d be able to actually volunteer with other schools and get more involved with surrounding students that are not just from our schools,” said Bergin.

Bergin believes that this club specifically could be beneficial for many students at RAHS, as it would broaden the overall community.

“There’s always more opportunities to volunteer, and this will help us as Aviation expand and get more involved with our community rather than being a more isolated school,” said Bergin.

There are several benefits to joining this new club, and Bergin heavily encourages students to join and help make the world a better place. While students may participate in other school clubs, they can still participate in Key Club and its volunteer opportunities.

“Members will get to meet a lot of new people, not just from our school but others as well, and you can do Key Club and NHS (National Honor Society) for example,” said Bergin, “because we’re going to be volunteering at different events, so there’s never enough volunteering that you can do, and it’s just another opportunity.”

Freshman student and leader of Key Club, Sam Lee, believes that Key Club will be very valuable. He chose to work with the Key Club International because he felt it was what RAHS needed.

“I felt that our school needed a way to express ourselves with other places,” said Lee, “not just our community but interacting with other schools.”

Lee feels that RAHS is somewhat isolated at times, and because of this, gets a reputation that is not always reasonable. Lee wants to make a difference and change this perception.

“We’re kind of like a secluded school, so I thought Key Club would be perfect,” said Lee, “because these other schools have monthly meetings that all schools go to.”

Lee wants to change how others view RAHS, and believes he can accomplish this by giving back to the community. He feels that the more opportunities offered to help out people will benefit the overall atmosphere of the school.

“We could show them that Aviation is not just the perceived ‘nerd’ school,” said Lee, “and that it does community service too.”

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