New classes coming to RAHS next year

Mrs. McGuire works on a draft of next years schedule.
Photo By: Will Garren

Next school year, while the core part of the schedule will be the same, new classes will be added.
Over the past year, Office Manager Trish McGuire has been working on the new schedule.
“There are many new classes possibly being added for next year,” said McGuire.
There are a large variety of potential new classes being added to next year’s roster.
“Some of the new classes might include “Photography, Physics, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and two programming classes,” said McGuire.
Even though he is a senior, Sameer Romani is excited that some of these classes are being added to the RAHS curriculum.
“I think that the addition of Unmanned Aerial Systems would be very beneficial and fit the model of RAHS well,” said senior Sameer Romani.
Changes like this tend to shake up the school environment quite a bit. Additionally, teachers are being helpful and informing McGuire of the optimal time for classes
“I have not had any teachers ask to set their own schedules. I have had a few teachers ‘recommend’ what would work for them,” said McGuire. “I always welcome teachers to let me know what works for them. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.”
There have also been no new teachers hired at the school which means that the schedule for next year will stay relatively similar to what is currently in place this year.
However, according to RAHS advisor Carper, “most of the staff would love to go back to the old schedule.”
The old schedule had advisory immediately following lunch on block days, but was changed for teachers to have longer breaks.
“We can advocate for that,” said Carper, “but there are certain things in our contract that we’re not allowed to change.”
Next year’s schedule is constantly being evaluated by staff members.
“Typically Mrs. Tipton, Mr. Holloway and a couple teachers who are interested will start coming up with ideas, brainstorming about what worked this year and what didn’t,” said Carper.
After a basic rough draft is done, other staff members look over it to make sure it encompases each teacher’s constraints. It’s also important to make sure the schedule is feasible.
“That would be me, Mrs. Tranholt, Mrs. McGuire and administrators that look at it and try to figure out how realistic it is, as well as the amount of teachers we have, and their constraints,” said Carper.
Dealing with the schedule is a hard task, especially when teachers are busy during the year dealing with students.
“It kind of all comes down to funding. In a small school we have fewer teachers and fewer courses so you kind of have to accept that there’s no schedule that’s going to work for everybody,” said Carper.
Hopefully with the funding the school has, a schedule with variety and fun engaging classes will be created for next year.

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