Natalie Suarez launches Environmental Club at RAHS

After members were elected into executive positions Natalie Suarez and the Environmental Club have their second meeting.

RAHS sophomore Natalie Suarez has started a new Environmental Club that strives to make the Earth a better place through recycling and composting.

Environmental Club is an afterschool activity for students who strive for a better future for Earth,” said Suarez. “In the club, we will participate in many activities. Our main goal for this school year is to improve upon the recycling at our school and introduce compost.”

Suarez has already made a few plans for what students will be able to do in the club.

“I see a future of beach and river cleanups, informational poster making, plastic water bottle removal, and waste audits,” said Suarez.

After Suarez jump started the club with her new ideas, she is looking forward to member contributions.

“We will do many activities in Environmental Club,” said Suarez. “We will be focusing on bringing more recycling and compost to the school initially but after that it depends on the interests of the members.”

Something Suarez feels strongly about is saving the environment to help the future.

“We want future generations not to be burdened with problems from the past,” said Suarez, “and you can’t just say you care about the environment but not follow it with any action.”

Students in Environmental Club not only plan to help save the environment, but the club also gives students volunteer hours.

“You do not need to apply for the club, all are welcome to every meeting and you can join anytime throughout the school year,” said Suarez. “It is also a great way to get community service credits.”

Suarez is interested on taking more steps to make RAHS a “green school,” starting with the King County Green School Program. RAHS is currently at level 1 in the King County Green School Program.

I am interested in registering Raisbeck in the King County Green School Program and getting to level 2 or 3,” said Suarez.

Suarez is determined and excited to not only make the world for future generations a better environment to live in but to see how RAHS will improve.

“I am motivated by the future,” said Suarez. “I am so excited to see how much Raisbeck will improve throughout this school year and future years.”

Sophomore Davie Anne Ross is a member of Environmental Club. She enjoyed being in Environmental Club because it allows students to get to know each other better.

“We were able to bond as a team and as a group and we’ve actually made plans for the future,” said Ross, “and we have a lot of ideas that people are on board with.”

Just like Suarez, Ross strives to make Earth a better environment for the future of people and the environment.

“I definitely am an advocate for combatting climate change,” said Ross. “I don’t know how anyone could be opposed to that.”

Ross is highly supportive on Suarez’s plans for the club and so are the other students who are in the club.

“I know that she does good work and that she’s passionate about this as well and a lot of other people in this club are passionate,” said Ross. “I see it as a way that we can represent Raisbeck as a platform for saving the environment.”

Ross’s goal for the club is to get people to be more aware of what is happening to the environment so people could help contribute to the environment in a positive way.

“I want our entire school to become more passionate and more aware about our contributions to our failing climate and failing environment,” said Ross. “I want my contributions to cause other people to become more aware and cautious.”

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