Biology class welcomes Albertson to AHS

Tim Albertson is the new student teacher, assisting Dana Dyer, AHS biology teacher. Here to experience teaching first hand for a teaching certificate, Albertson brings with him  devotion for learning and teaching as well as an open ear for anyone.

Albertson currently has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For the last ten to fifteen years, Albertson has dabbled in various subjects and careers.

“I have professional experience in chemistry, architecture, and music,” said Albertson.

He’s obtained two Master‘s degrees in architecture and environmental science from the same university.

“Six years ago,” Albertson said, “I was pursuing an architecture degree, and wasn’t sure if biology even had a place in my future. “

Albertson ended up merging biology and design in a field called Biomimicry, where nature is used to model human innovations.

“There are not too many of us biomimics in the world.” He said.


This allowed him to work on design projects around the country and in Brazil.

“Now pursuing a teaching certificate and degree, biology was a natural choice,” Albertson said, ”although I do hope to teach design one day.”

Outside of academics, one thing Albertson has been deeply involved with is music.

Albertson has written music for live bands and played different instruments since he was five. He enjoys all types of music, as long as it isn’t country. He finds it tough to fit time into his busier schedule, but he still keeps in touch with his musical side.

“[I] still find time to see live music fairly often,” said Albertson.

Albertson’s interests include being active and exercising. He loves the outdoors and hiking. Albertson said that any reason to go outside is reason enough for him.

“I love all sports as well,” said Albertson. “I played basketball growing up, but lately, I spend all of my time playing or watching soccer.”

Albertson doesn’t do anything half heartedly, which makes him devoted to the things he enjoys and feels passionate about.

“I look for purpose and passion in everything I do,” Albertson said. “No other job provides that like teaching does.”

Albertson’s year long student teacher internship will result in a teaching certificate, with an endorsement to teach high school biology.

“I feel like I could probably teach and enjoy almost any subject,” Albertson said.

He loves learning and being able to use every part of his brain on a daily basis in a learning environment like our school. Albertson compares himself to a sponge, looking to absorb knowledge and learning about everything on a single topic.

Albertson originally lived in Las Vegas Nevada.

“I came from a working class family,” Albertson said. He grew up knowing that college was always going to be an option.

He spent his high school years attending Valley High, where he became heavily involved in theater and music. Valley High was a highly diverse public school, densely populated with over 3,000 students.  His graduating class had almost 1000 students and was one of the largest in Nevada.

Contrasting deeply with his experiences, Aviation and its students are tightly knit, but leave a lasting impression.

“I haven’t seen so many driven students,” Albertson said. “Everyone’s motivated by grades which is kind of a new thing for me.” He continued, “I enjoy the conversations I have with each and every student.”

One of the things he loves most about his job is being able to talk with the students here. Hearing different stories from everyone is what made coming here worthwhile.

“And that’s what kind of drives me to be here everyday,” Albertson said. “Teaching all day almost becomes secondary.”

Albertson puts full effort into being a capable student teacher for the students.

“Being an effective teacher requires understanding the strengths, needs and interests of my students,” Albertson said, “which comes about during these day to day interactions.”

Albertson tries to learn more about the interests of students by talking to them, to incorporate these interests into enjoyable lessons. He usually finds that student’s interests and his own are usually the same.

“Everybody wins!” Albertson said.

Dana Dyer, the biology teacher Albertson works under, described him as an observant person, who genuinely pays attention to the class and students.

“I care about each and every one of them,” agreed Albertson.


Albertson found his way to Aviation after meeting Dyer last year.


“Last spring,” said Albertson, “I began to network with high schools around the Seattle area, and was specifically hoping to get placed at a STEM school.”

Dyer said that the Highline School District contacted AHS to see if anyone was interested in taking up a certain student teacher who needed placement. Mr. Albertson was able to meet Dyer when she pulled his resume and asked to meet him.

“At the end of [last] year,” Dyer said. “I gave Albertson a tour of the school and I talked to him a bit and we decided it would be a good fit.”


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