Auction kicked off to a great start

Freshman drops his heat shield for science test, made from materials that are funded by the auction

On Saturday 4 Nov. 2017, businesses, families, partners, and students will gather in the Great Gallery for the 2017 RAHS Auction to help fund the school. Auction chair Heidi Gottshall is in charge of organizing the auction this year.

“It’s a lot of details, coordination, organization, and no one wants to say that because you don’t want to scare people away from doing this,” said Gottshall. “However, if you have a committed team of parents who are willing to share the load, it’s manageable.”

The Auction is crucial to the school, and PTSA puts in so much effort in order to raise the money that RAHS utilizes for almost everything.

“It’s been almost a year long process, it is a long time commitment, we want to do well,” said Gottshall. “You can pick it up 6 months ahead of time you know, but it’s challenging, but we’ve been laying the ground, so it’s a time commitment.”

It’s important to help such an impactful event that plays an significant part in everything kids do here at school.

“We need to raise anywhere from at the minimum about $160,000 dollars to support the variety of programs,” said Gottshall, “and this is beyond the teams and clubs. This goes into raising money that supports scholarships and the Phoenix Flyer. It supports all the social events like graduation parties, ice cream socials, and some technology support.”

Donations ensure that the Auction can be successful for the PTSA.

“Without donations we don’t have an auction [and] at this state, we’re kinda low,” said Gottshall, “people tend to wait until the last minute, but we need about 350 items, so that would be my encouragement, come up with an activity, you can collect money, $3-4 a student, [and] purchase a day at Laserquest or Wild Waves.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring friends and families. RAHS office receptionist Theda Hiranaka is also excited about the event and is bringing along her husband.

“I am always enthusiastic about an evening out with my husband,” said Hiranaka, “and we both enjoy greatly being a part of raising money for RAHS.”

Students are not the only people who benefit from the money raised, the RAHS teachers and staff also get what they need for working with students in the classroom.

“As a staff member I am well supported by the PTSA for staff appreciation luncheons and dinners when we need to stay late for Curriculum Nights and Information Nights,” said Hiranaka. “PTSA also makes $500 available to each teacher to utilize for teaching and instruction in their classrooms.”

Hiranaka is planning on donating to the auction, and she will do so in an accessible and easy way that anyone else can also do too.  

“I buy five $25 gift cards to various places and arrange them as a bouquet,” said Hiranaka.

“We bid on the item and sometimes buy it back because we do not want it to go for less than its full value.”

Sophomore Davie Anne Ross is going to be helping out by playing the string ensemble for the attendees of the auction.

“It’s very laid back,” said Ross, “but nonetheless, any opportunity to play for an audience is a good one in my book.”

To many students and staff, including Ross, there is significance in participating in helping out the school.

“To volunteer for the auction means I get to help my school and clubs I participated in earn the funds to compete and remain active,” said Ross.

There are so many different ways to contribute, and it all comes back to support the RAHS family.

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