ASB’s new approach making RAHS more fun and exiciting

Art Director Davie-Anne Ross captures fellow sophomores, Miranda Anders and Malia Houghton, celebrating Denim Day for the ASB Instagram account.

During the 2016-17 school year, the RAHS the Associated Student Body (ASB) has been trying to create a welcoming environment by encouraging student collaboration and promoting positive interactions.

ASB President and senior Catie Stukel believes that ASB should incorporate more after school activities and better the school environment.

“One of our main goals is working on the general atmosphere of the school and getting students more excited to come to school,” said Stukel. “So we decided to start a variety of activities. We’re doing weekly character dares, [and] we greet people at the door.”

Stukel is excited to be a part planning the after-school activities, as she wants to bring the student body together.

“We have our Halloween Turn Up and Flapjack Friday which is really fun,” said Stukel. “Some people are going to have costumes and there’s music, which will create a fun environment for students.”

Moreover, Stukel recognizes the influence ASB has had on her life in addition to its influence on the student body.

“ASB has been a big part of my life,” said Stukel. “The leadership camp that I attended [is] really great because it makes you think about character and it helps you create the best version of yourself.

Apart of being the president of ASB, Stukel works to balance her busy life outside of school.

“I am very busy, because I work, I’m on a climbing team, [I do] ASB, and other commitments,” said Stukel. “It’s going well, it’s nice that we have leadership class to work [on ASB work].”

Sophomore Class Senator Natalie Suarez wants to try to decrease the stress students feel at school.

“As sophomore senator I would like to make school a more enjoyable place to be,” said Suarez. “This means making school less stressful by planning fun after school activities or spreading kindness.”

Suarez is excited about the dances and other activities that ASB is planning this year.

“I’m really excited to plan this year’s Winter Ball and other small activities sprinkled throughout the year,” said Suarez.

ASB’s new art coordinator, sophomore Davie-Anne Ross, believes that adding an improved social media aspect to Art Committee will connect the student body together.

“This year’s Art Committee isn’t just needed for posters and decorations for dance,” said Ross, “but we are also including a social media aspect of it.”  

Ross expresses her thoughts on how she can represent others with her voice in an effective way.

“ASB for me is a way for me to find what other people want from the school, and represent them, this is what I am really trying to get out of it,” said Ross. “I feel like I have a diverse perspective to bring to ASB, and everyone does.”

Ross loves art, and expressing that aspect of her life is exciting for her.

“Being able to find an artistic outlet at a STEM school and have it projected to a mass audience and seeing the reactions is really satisfying,” said Ross. “I have never made something that I am proud of and spread to a mass audience to see their reactions.”

Ross is excited about being art coordinator because it highlights her strengths as an individual and projects that she is looking forward to in the upcoming year.

“I hope I can continue to be art coordinator in the upcoming years, because this job contributes to my strengths,” said Ross, “and I’m also looking forwards into producing more designs for the Spirit Shack, and working with newer software.”

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