The walls are closing in

It seems that lunch space may be vanishing before students’ eyes. Last year presented a plethora of space for lunch, and that abundance has been greatly reduced this year.


Students have gone from complete freedom to very strict rules for the lunch break. Now, eating is restricted to the upper level of the Boeing Presentation Center (BPC), the first floor lobby, outdoor space around the front doors, and the amphitheater on the far east outdoor wing of the school.


“There is certainly less space in general but far more unique spots,” said Brian Gonzalez-Montoya, a senior. “There’s spacing we didn’t have before, the lunchroom and gym as a whole are kinda cool and the sound system works pretty well, then again I don’t spend much time in the lunch room.”


The old building had had a cafeteria, three courtyards, two fields, classrooms and occasionally access to the gym for lunch.


“Last year I ate in Dr. K’s room a lot,” said Gonzalez-Montoya, “most of my friends went there and of course then, food was allowed everywhere.”


In previous years, the privilege of eating in classrooms was beneficial in a few ways. Students could meet with teachers at lunch and still have time to eat, and it also allowed students to become close with certain teachers.


“For the last eight years I ate lunch with my students everyday, and I miss it!” said Dr. Katims.


In an attempt to keep the new building clean, students are not allowed to have food on the third floor, first floor (other than the lobby) or any classroom.


“I had kids in my room every day, and every day they would make it a mess,” said Dr. Katims.


Cleanliness is a good consideration when eating in space that isn’t the students’, but the students believe they’re up to the task.


“Being allowed to take food to all floors and into classrooms would be great,” said Henry Watts, a sophomore. “It’d make lunch a lot better.”


A handful of students have started eating outside, either out front or by the brand new “Raisbeck Aviation High School” sign facing East Marginal Way. Some students have been so committed to their newfound space that they have even frequented outdoor spaces in the rain, but others are a little more reserved.

“I tend to eat outside if it isn’t pouring, otherwise I eat in the vacuum sort of space between the front doors,” said Gonzalez-Montoya.


Additionally, more students this year are bringing lunch to school rather than buying, due to both the quality of school food and the fact that one lunch costs $2.75 and and a second lunch costs $3.75.


Also, more upperclassmen have been going off campus food. Some students have already selected “go-to” favorites for lunch, some though, are a bit more off the radar.


“I only go off once in a blue moon, but when I do, I go to a pretty exclusive restaurant I learned about through a friend’s mentor. I’m not at liberty to say names, sorry,” said Miguel Laigo, a senior.


Juniors and Seniors have often been seen coming back from lunch, toting either Starbucks or one of the many other options for dining out.


“Whenever I get a craving for the musky flavor of Sza-Vahn the school’s woefully limited lunch menu simply cannot provide that taste to me.” Said Laigo. “ I long for a day when all RAHS students get a little taste of Sza-Vahn, just to see if they like it or not.”


Those not privileged enough to leave campus have had to find ulterior methods to for lunch. One major hindrance to those who bring lunch to school is the fact that there is only one microwave for students to warm up food, while the staff lounge has three. This has many students rather peeved.


“Our school has a fire alarm system that talks to you but only one microwave, seems a bit off,” said Champagne Ryder, a freshman.


Also adding to the lunch frustration is the infamous lunch line. It’s long, slow moving and the food isn’t a good reward for the agonizing wait. Seeing as there really isnt much of a solution to this problem aside from simply adding more lines or creating a quicker way to purchase food, students are at a loss for options other than to simply buckle down and wait.


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