Shiroma relaxes for the first time

Before he left for Hawai’i, students like Francesca Gaerlan and Ginny Sunde sought Shiroma’s chemistry knowledge for help with labs, such as the copper reaction lab.
Photo courtesy of Arianna McDowell

Since leaving RAHS last year, former chemistry teacher Garrett Shiroma moved to Ewa Beach on the island O’ahu in Hawai’i.

Shiroma has been entirely focused on his business plan, which has moved away from his original food truck plan and towards the idea of opening a restaurant.

“So the food truck has not been created yet,” said Shiroma. “I just came back from a trip to Japan and Okinawa to do some eating research for my food. The idea of the food truck has also kinda evolved into a restaurant in the downtown area that serves breakfast and lunch. The main cuisine is Okinawan food with a twist.”

Shiroma decided on Okinawan food after his trip to Japan and Okinawa because the culinary disappointment made him want to improve the flavors.

“My trip was good,” said Shiroma, “I ate a lot of food, but found out that either I was going to the wrong eateries, or Okinawa just doesn’t have that great of food.”

Outside of his business plan, Shiroma and his family are doing well while living in Hawai’i, besides a few unexpected issues involving a change of housing.

“We are not exactly living where we had planned due to family emergencies,” said Shiroma, “so we have kind of a house swap going on right now.”

Shiroma finds that living in Hawai’i was a good transition from living in Washington–despite the difficulties of his housing situation–as he has a lot more time to focus on his life.

“My favorite part of living in Hawai’i is the pace,” said Shiroma. “It’s a lot slower and relaxed. The least favorite is that it’s an island and there are only so many things you can do on an island.”

Shiroma easily runs out of hobbies to fill his time and has found himself controlled by more addicting hobbies.

“The internet is a dark, dark hole that can take up more hours than you realize,” said Shiroma.

In his free time–when it’s not stolen by the internet–Shiroma often finds himself relaxing in the tranquil Hawai’i environment. He usually partakes in calming activities such as taking a stroll around Ewa Beach or sitting on the beach itself.

“I’ve been travelling around a bit between the islands and have been doing some hiking,” said Shiroma. “Other than the restaurant, I don’t really have any other projects going on.”

Even though Hawai’i is a relaxing place where he can pursue his hobbies, Shiroma is still fairly nostalgic about his days leading RAHS Speech and Debate (S&D) to victory as their advisor.

“I do not miss the grading,” said Shiroma, “what I miss most is working with the students in extracurricular roles for prom and S&D.”

Shiroma not only misses the friends and acquaintances he left behind at RAHS, but also those in Washington. Shiroma finds it harder to maintain friendships while living across the ocean from his old acquaintances.

“I miss the connections I made in Washington the most,” said Shiroma, “and the cold rain and ice is what I miss the least.”

Shiroma has not been completely disconnected from RAHS since leaving, as he texts Joshi on a regular basis and stays in contact with others from the school.

“I spoke with Mrs. Hiranaka a couple of times and the S&D exec team has contacted me a couple of times for things,” said Shiroma. “I get my gossip in spurts, but don’t worry, they haven’t shared anything terrible.”

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