RAHS takes on new physics teacher

In Bien-Aime’s physics 1 class, Bien-Aime helps out student, Alex March with his questions.

After saying farewell to Mr. Steele last year, Dona Bien-Aime has taken over the position as RAHS’ physics teacher. Bien-Aime has already made a large impact in many RAHS student’s education and has made himself fit in perfectly in RAHS’ welcoming community. In addition, he has taken over WAI Club and has created Chess Club”

Being a teacher at RAHS for his first year, Bien-Aime was pleasantly surprised that so many of the students at RAHS were very engaged and excited about learning.

“So far, I found RAHS intellectually curious,” said Bien-Aime. “There is thirst for learning among RAHS students; they are also extremely polite”.

Coming into RAHS after teaching at other schools, Bien-Aime felt very welcomed by the students.

“It’s okay to be a nerd in RAHS,” said Bien-Aime. “Being smart is a welcoming attribute.”

Before Bien-Aime decided that he wanted to be a teacher, he was getting his degree in Civil Engineering at Georgia Technical University, and by accident stumbled upon teaching.

“While I was getting my degree in civil engineering, I tutored to support some weekend spending and accidentally fell in love with teaching,” said Bien-Aime. “Then, I decided to get a master in the art of teaching physics.”

Bien-Aime did not originally know that he wanted to teach at RAHS, and only came across the idea of teaching at RAHS after talking with Principal Therese Tipton.

“I didn’t know about RAHS until I received a call from Ms. Tipton for an interview,” said Bien-Aime. “During my preparation for the interview, I learned that RAHS is a premiere school in the State of Washington, I watched a few RAHS online videos and quickly determined that I am a good fit for the school.”

Bien-Aime brings his own teaching style to RAHS to help his physics students reach their full potential in understanding physics.

“Storytelling is my teaching style,” said Bien-Aime. “I want to be able to relate to my students so they can work hard for me without realizing they are working hard for themselves in the process.”

Connor Whitlock from Bien-Aime’s Physics 2 class thinks that Bien-Aime has a teaching style that works well for students, and is very clear.

“He’s very direct in how he teaches, he’ll tell you what you’re supposed to know,” said Whitlock. “He talks well about each topic and makes it easy to follow by using the board.”

According to Whitlock, Bien-Aime is very helpful, and will make sure that his students understand the material he is teaching.

“I like the class because he’ll teach something and then let us go off on our own and do a couple problems or a lab to see if we’ve got it,” said Whitlock, “and if we don’t he’s able to come back to help us.”

Sophomore Mollie Brombaugh believes that Bien-Aime makes sure his Physics 1 class has a lot of fun, while still making sure his students learn the material.

“Mr. B is a very fun guy, and he puts in a lot of work to make sure the class succeeds,” said Brombaugh. “He’s very determined to ensure that everyone understand and succeeds in the material.”

Whitlock recalls a fun and interactive activity in Bien-Aime’s physics 2 class where the class was racing to finish all of the problems first while playing on an online game having to do with circuits.

“Mr. B was all jumping around between people and encouraging or helping them when they got stuck,” said Whitlock. “It was a fun, hectic environment where he was running all over and everyone was talking and racing.”

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