Proposed levy promises support for school programs

The brand new proposed levy for Highline voters will be decided upon on 13 Feb. 2018. This new levy will be replacing one destined to expire at the end of 2018 and will also pay for more specific necessities that the District requires to function properly.

Tove Tupper, the Assistant Director of Communications for the District, has played a key part in making sure the levy is put out to the general public as well as understood by all.

“Highline voters will be asked to renew an educational programs and operations levy in February to replace an expiring levy,” said Tupper. “There is currently a gap between what the state funds and the education Highline provides to students. Levy funds make up the difference.”

The current gap is not nearly small enough to be funded by the District themselves, but reaching out to families to vote on state funds is a way to patch that gaping hole.

“If passed, students should not notice a [difference] because Highline will be able to maintain the current program and staff level,” said Tupper.

While there are not an abundant amount of sports teams at RAHS, the levy will help support the more specialized programs that are offered, such as extended learning opportunities.

“The levy funds a number of programs and staff positions,” said Tupper. “This includes athletic programs and additional safety and security officers, as well as a number of items that directly support RAHS.”

State funding just does not meet the necessities of Highline School District (HSD) as outdated systems on the state level are falling behind as other school districts forge ahead. Items the levy will provide for are not seen as essentials to the state, yet are fundamental to certain students’ educations.

“The proposed levy provides items such as teachers, school nurses, safety & security officer, counselors & social workers, special education, Camp Waskowitz, athletic programs, and teacher training days,” said Tupper.

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