Leaving seniors leave advice

Even though the class of 2018 is leaving, they’re imparting their wisdom and lessons from RAHS in hopes of helping underclassmen
Photo by Will Garren

The class of 2018 is graduating 14 June 2018. After four year at RAHS, they have useful information on how to traverse high school for underclassmen.

Senior and athlete Hannah Kaiser knows that studies are important in life especially in high school. However, enjoying yourself in high school is equally as important.  

“I wish I would have known to have more fun outside of school rather than studying,” said Kaiser. “I wish I spent more time to myself especially sophomore and junior year doing more of what I love.”

Kaiser has found the key to her success—which is to live a happy and fun life—and hopes students know as they move through their high school experience.

“Don’t get too caught up in what’s going on. Let loose and have some fun, don’t worry about getting perfect grades,” said Kaiser. “Try your best and live a happy life. Enjoy high school because a lot is going to change when you get out!”

Senior Stella Sission has been through the ups and down of high school and now has the proper knowledge to tackle an overbearing schedule.

“I wish that before I had started my Senior year, people had told me that it was hard. Balancing school, AP classes, and all of the intricacies that come with college was much more difficult than I anticipated,” said Sisson. “It can be stressful to balance the two, and it might sound crazy to add a third thing, but something that really helped me was getting consistent exercise. It always made me feel more relaxed.”

Senior and ASB member Keir Hichens has a rule every student at RAHS should follow.

“I would say that I try and follow one rule in particular,” said Hichens, “which is I if get some assignment, or just a task, if it takes me under 3-minutes to complete I will get it done right away. That way my to-do list doesn’t accumulate.”  

Hichens has learned skills like managing difficult classes and this has taught him qualities that will be helpful as he enters adulthood.  

“I wish I would’ve made some study groups and people I could rely to study with for AP classes and just lay out my year from the beginning of the year,” said Hichens. “Also to make sure that I was planning ahead anything and everything so that I could be on top of everything.”

Senior Sameer Romani, and Director of RAHS Student Ambassador Program/Career Center Associate shares the importance of enjoying your high school experience.

“The best thing to do before leaving high school is to pursue what fulfills you best,” said Romani. “Go to a school dance, go out to lunch with your friends, and don’t center the entirety of your life on just purely your academics. While they should be a priority, so should your own well being.”

Romani, like many people, has learned a lot in in high school from teachers, friendships. Overall school and this will help him achieve his future goals.  

“Looking back though, these four years have been nothing short of extraordinary, “ said Romani. “I was able to make some of the best friendships I could ever ask for, I was taught by teachers who care about education and their students, I am still mentored by industry leaders who have had illustrious careers and are helping me pave the way for my own, and I’m walking away from here and going exactly where I want to be.”

Romani has learned possibly the most important lesson of all at RAHS and encourages everyone to abide by this lesson.  

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is to simply be yourself. It may not get you a lot of friends and make you the most popular in the school, but it’ll get you the right people,” said Romani. “ I’m not showing up here on campus pretending to be someone else. Sure, there are days where I put a smile on my face when I’d rather not (like when I had AP exams), but as a person, what you see is what you get. Be genuine.”

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