Interact Club reboots for a new school year

President of Interact Club, Anusha Gani, speaks to Interact Executives and students interested in the club about getting involved with volunteering.

During the 2016-17 school year, Interact Club was plagued by a lack of progress.

Interact Club President Anusha Gani remembers the issues that plagued the RAHS Lock-In and ultimately led to the event being cancelled.

“We wanted to do a lock-in last year,” said Gani, “that also fell through because there was a lot of problems with paperwork and getting everything organized.”

This year, though, the Interact Club executives have a solid plan to take the year by storm. RAHS has a forty hour community service requirement for graduation, and Interact Club has created a plan to provide students ways to earn these hours.

“We want to provide our members community service and qualities to be a leader in the community,” said Gani. “[Last year] we weren’t able to have as many meetings, the last year there was a lack of communication, and a lot of plans fell through. That’s why we weren’t able to gain much publicity.”

One of Interact Club’s plans is participating in the 2018 Seattle WE-Day, a massive event where celebrities and charitable people come together to celebrate service, education, and international children’s rights. Getting into the event will be hard, however, Interact is determined to be able to have this opportunity. The Secretary of Interact Club, Ayan Hersi, and her fellow executives are excited for the event and ready for the hard work and determination that getting into the event will take.

“We have a lot of volunteering events planned,” said Hersi, “and helping out at food shelters, and planting trees, and giving back in as many ways as we can.”

Not only does Interact Club have plans to go to WE Day, but to also help out the local homeless population. Students at RAHS, through the Interact Club, can help the club achieve that goal.

Furthermore, during the 2016-17 school year, Interact Club got far less publicity than other clubs. Hersi hopes to change that this year.

“We’re starting a website and all that jazz,” said Hersi.

Interact Club also has a plan to prevent the paperwork and event organization problems that  afflicted the club during the 2016-2017 year.  Gani and her leadership team hope to create more productive leadership policies and to improve communication in order to address that issue.

“This year we’re really trying to implement transparency within our group, and frequent communication as well as weekly meeting to make sure everything’s on track,” said Gani. “As for actual plans for the club we don’t know who’s in our club yet and how many people we have to work with.”

More than anything, Gani hopes community service remains the focus of the team.

“We want to provide our members community service hours and qualities to be leaders in the community,” said Gani. “They [the students] would gain qualities and resources in order to become a leader and would be able to use the resources and technologies that they learn in Interact Club to able to apply that to their own life individually to rise in their community.”

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