Beautiful men of RAHS practice for famous pageant

Mr. Aviation contestants promote the male pageant, which has been moved to Apr. 28 at 5:30 p.m.
Mr. Aviation contestants promote the male pageant, which has been moved to Apr. 28 at 5:30 p.m.

Mr. Aviation, RAHS’s signature male beauty pageant, will be held in the Boeing Presentation Center on the 13 Apr. Participants show off their talents in individual performances and a group dance.


Josh Buenbrazo is a senior who won the Mr. Aviation pageant in 2016.


“Mr. Aviation is this male beauty pageant that Aviation has to showcase some talents that they may have,” Buenbrazo.


Kenny Pham is a sophomore who participated in Mr. Aviation before and is looking forward to doing it again.


“The reason I started Mr. Aviation is because I started getting into dance. Then I saw this chance to improve myself for everyone to see,” said Pham, “and I wanted to show off this talent too.”


Pham loves to dance, and when he sees an opportunity to dance and improve, he takes it.


“I feel like dance is a way to express who I am on the inside and [to allow] everyone to see this part of me. That is what Mr. Aviation did for me,” said Pham.


Pham enjoyed performing in Mr. Aviation 2016, but there is a lot more behind the scenes that he works on too.


“There’s a lot of preparation that comes beforehand and since it’s in around two months–it’s gonna be on April 13th. I need to prepare beforehand,” said Pham.


Pham hopes to do his best and win Mr. Aviation this year.


“I am putting in all of what I have in this competition, and I’m doing a lot more preparation than last time,” said Pham.


The winner of Mr. Aviation receives many prizes, including a life-size cardboard cutout of himself.


“Last year, Josh Buenbrazo, when he won, he got a crown. He also got a cardboard cutout of [himself],” said Pham. “Also he got a free parking space in the parking lot. All of that comes with winning Mr. Aviation, and [the winner] also get free tickets to dances.”


Mr. Aviation might change its prizes this year because the previous prizes cannot be used if the winner is in certain grades.


“I think it’s gonna change a bit this year because a freshman might win or a senior and they don’t have access to a parking space,” said Pham. “That is still being developed as we go.”


Buenbrazo has done Mr. Aviation for three years, but won’t be participating in Mr. Aviation his senior year.


“Basically, guys will come out and show off their talents,” said Buenbrazo. “I have done Mr. Aviation for three years now so I did it for freshmen, sophomore, and junior year.”


In Mr. Aviation, contestants can showcase any talents they have. Participants spend a lot of time in the weeks before, practicing their performances.


“Some people tell jokes. I know that last year they were funny, but they were kind of getting out of hand,” said Buenbrazo, “You can do pretty much anything for your talent.”


The Mr. Aviation pageant gives contestants like Buenbrazo the chance to express themselves in front everyone.


“I played the ukulele, and I danced too,” said Buenbrazo. “It’s a pretty good opportunity to show more about yourself and why you could represent the school.”


Buenbrazo was nervous about Mr. Aviation at first, but he still gave it his all.
“Initially, in freshmen year I was pretty nervous about [Mr. Aviation], but my friends hyped me up to it. So I did it,” said Buenbrazo. “I was pretty nervous, and it got to me, but the more years I did it the more confident I got.”

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