A short discussion on the new dress code

Matthew Morin enjoying the new freedom of wearing shorts in school
Photo by Ava Yniguez

As summer rapidly approaches, and the days become hotter, RAHS students are finally allowed to wear shorts to school beginning 1 May 2018.

Junior Matthew Morin is also excited to be able to change things up with summer around the corner, and arrived to school on the first day of May wearing shorts.

“It’s just way more comfortable,” say Morin, “We’ve already had a bunch of hot days throughout April and it’s way better than wearing Khakis out in the sun.”

Senior Kier Hichens also took the first opportunity to wear shorts and arrived to school wearing a pair of blue bermuda shorts, despite a chilly 55 degree morning.

“I know I will be significantly happier until the end of school,” said Hichens, “especially during June once it gets up to 80 [degrees] and higher.”

On top of being much more relaxed than chinos or slacks, shorts have provided a more diverse set of clothing options for males.

“I have literally five pairs of school pants I cycle through wearing,” said Morin. “It basically allows me to double the amount of things I can wear to school.

While both Hichens and Morin are grateful for the changes, they do think the rules could be expanded a little further for wearing shorts in the earlier days of the school year.

“It might be nice to have like the first few weeks of September or the month as a whole,” said Morin. “It makes a good transition from being able to wear shorts and T-Shirts every day to khakis, but if they didn’t want to it would make sense.”

Morin also agrees that during hotter days in September, shorts would be useful and both believe some of the regulations surrounding the types of shorts allowed could be loosened.

“Being allowed to wear cargo shorts even just on Fridays like jeans would work,” said Morin, “but I do understand wanting golf or bermuda shorts just to keep them from getting too short.”

What almost everyone can agree on is that shorts should be allowed for both males and females instead of being male only.

“I think that females should be allowed to wear shorts as well,” said Hichens, “but it is nice to see some equity between females having skirts and now males having shorts.”

Morin believes the dress code should be expanded even further than just females being allowed to wear shorts along with males.

“Especially at our school we have a lot of people that don’t necessarily identify as strictly male or female,” said Morin. “Everyone should be allowed to wear what they feel allows them to express themselves within the dress code, and I think a unisex dress code may be something the school is working on.”

Senior Stella Sisson also believes the regulations on shorts could be refined for the next dress code.
“It seems pointless that we can wear fingertip length skirts but not shorts,” said Sisson, “they’re essentially the same and shorts aren’t any more revealing.”
Sisson also is in agreement with the common idea that both males and females should have the ability to wear shorts, and that a potentially uni-sex dress code for 2019 may be the right solution.
“It makes sense to balance the female skirts with male shorts,” said Sisson, “but at the same time it just doesn’t make sense to restrict it [shorts] to male only.”
Regardless of if changes such as these will be implemented in the future, students seem to be happy wearing shorts for the rest of this year.

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