Death by a Thousand Websites

Canvas. Illuminate. Pearson. Big History. Dot Info. Oh yeah, and Google Sites – lots and lots of Google Sites.


Okay, I get it – we’re a high-tech, 21st-century STEM school, in one of the country’s major technology hubs, and we have lots of technology, and we love technology, and technology is going to save the world and solve all our problems and make everything perfect for everyone forever, but can we PLEASE not scatter our class web sites and information to the far-flung corners of the internet? I’M TRYING TO STAY ORGANIZED HERE, PEOPLE! I’ve got two history web sites, a math web site, a science web site, two club web sites, three Google Accounts with fourteen overlapping folders of shared files, two Office 365 accounts (neither of which actually work), two district email addresses (neither of which use my name), an H: drive that requires my S- number (and can’t be accessed unless I’m on campus), three OneNote notebooks, and… and… and… I give up.


Just in case no one around here has ever figured this out, and they definitely haven’t, let me explain something: More technology is not the same thing as better technology, and using more technology does mean using technology better. Putting something on the web does not magically make it fancier, easier to use, or in any way more sophisticated or appealing, and I shouldn’t have a folder of 39578 bookmarks for my class websites.

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