Airborne quest for answers


Our researchers have been studying strange flying machines that soar like birds across the Noitivian skies. We caught up with the research team as they followed one of the Notivians to the nesting spot of the machines.

They did their best to remain hidden, bobbing and weaving amongst the alien pillars that hold up the structure, they explain their experiences with us. A native left the metal habitat and made their way to what looked like a meeting spot of metal, bird-like machines.

The metal contraptions feature talon-like supports and what appear to be spinning beaks, possibly used for defensive purposes. By observing one of the machines while being repaired, it can be seen that they have what resemble a skeleton and even a heart that devours and pumps fuel.

He hopped into the death trap and started the engine. It roared like a lion and appeared to come to life. Electronics in the enclosure lit up and the young controller of the machine greeted a fellow native who appears to be some kind of elder or trainer.

They gazed at lines and symbols etched into maps, which suggested a battle plan for attacking another civilization.

While another tribesman made final checks to the machine, the other began talking to himself, mentioning words that are unfamiliar to the local language such as “Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.”

These strange variants of their language are a way to impress other tribesmen; a form of competition to show tongue agility and precision.

They made their way to the lighted strip of asphalt and throttled up, the machine rapidly accelerated and jumped off the ground as if having a hatred toward the ground, then soared into the afternoon sun.

The mystery of the winged flying machines continues to baffle scientists and researchers. Investigators are asking questions of where they came from, why these machines are even here, and why (some of) the Notivians have such an intense addiction do them

Many researchers have concluded that these machines are actually ancient descendants of the blazing phoenix god by the locals, which may suggest that the machines meet on these large expanses of land to mate.

Other theories suggest that the winged vehicles are actually gifts from one of their gods, Archimedes, who, like other birds, has been recently been seen running into a glass door.

To fully understand the fascination, one must look to the past for answers. This is exactly what Raisbeck Geographic investigators did.

The machines can be seen performing tasks that would be impossible for any other vehicle of their society. However, through the process of advancement of the winged vehicles, mishaps have occurred.

Some tribesmen record their experiences from behind the windshield, and by viewing these videos, it can truly be seen just why they execute these insane stunts. It is possible that flying is a sign of status in their culture in an effort to belittle fellow Noitivians.

As a rookie controller was preparing to land, he lowered the talons, slowed the heart and lined up to strike the lighted strip of asphalt. Again, he was seen talking to himself with the advanced language.

“Alpha Hotel, Foxtrot.” When translated, this precise order of words forms a sentence which states “the alpha of a temporary homestead has been attacked by a fox.” This is extremely unfortunate and has absolutely nothing to do with flying.

However, despite the horror of a fellow native being attacked by a fox, the controller kept his composure and kept flying.

As he approached the ground, he gently pulled back on the controls and the talons grasped the ground, and the machine was then steered to its parking spot. These mysteries surrounding winged flying machines continue to be pursued by investigators.

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