01202019 Headline:

Dawn of the Monk

In the second week of every month, early in the morning there is a great gathering between both young and old. On this uncommon occasion people presumed to be monks, travel to the Noitaiva village. They gather in a strange pit that appears to [...]

Tribesmen worship strange children in costumes

S ociologists working with Raisbeck Geographic have been studying the Noitaiva tribe for long enough to observe a pattern in the behavior of the tribe’s worship. There is a lot of physical evidence and observed behavior that points to the [...]

Secret language discovered for mating couples

Raisbeck Geographic has taken an in-depth look into the mating rituals of the tribesmen and what traditions they have in regards to courtship and reproduction. Despite the surplus of males, due to the ancient battle among the females of the [...]

Airborne quest for answers

  Our researchers have been studying strange flying machines that soar like birds across the Noitivian skies. We caught up with the research team as they followed one of the Notivians to the nesting spot of the machines. They did their best [...]

The mystery of the feeding grounds

The tribesmen run as fast as if they’ve never seen food in their life. Being kept in a room full of tribesmen and elders for 40 to 100 minutes makes these creatures furious. The tribesmen fill the feeding grounds so fast, they trip over each [...]

Training that improves bodily functions

  Raisbeck Geographic has recently discovered a green field where tribesmen train for battle every day and throw plastic discs at each other. These tribesmen were dressed differently than other members of the tribe, which seems to let their [...]

Bridges to the gods

While the team and I traveled deep into the heart of the mass collection of tribesmen that dwell in the body of the temple, I got a good look at a black and white image of a tall haired boy. Multiple attempts at asking who or what this image [...]

Paternal and maternal figures in society

All people in the Noitavia tribe have a close relationship and rely on each other for emotional support that will accelerate their mental development. These people have been observed gathering in small groups of about 30 in the chambers of enlightenment [...]

Five-day celebration involves chanting and fire

A first-year Noitaivian tribesman wanders the temple of learning in what can only be called the calm before the storm. In the next week, tribesman will participate in a week of worshiping the spirits. This semi-regulated week of celebration [...]