01202019 Headline:

Pathways to the afterlife

Tribe members worship gods like Gnieob and Ria Sub, and their ultimate goal in life is to prepare for the afterlife when they are “hired” by an honorable deity. They lived lives of great opulence, and yet they rushed to complete all the [...]

Home-wurk dictates tribe’s lives

  What is “home-wurk”? Many have asked that question, but few know the answer. Tribesmen have been observed spending an entire day saying this word, causing some of the leading scientists to believe home-wurk was the product of debilitating [...]

Trying to keep the temple of learning healthy

Our team of psychologists have delved into the minds of the Noitaiva and study questionable behavior that has been connected to unhealthy living habits. Understanding how these creatures function on a day-to-day basis could possibly be the key [...]

Exploring in the chambers of enlightenment

In the temple an enormous room exists, where an older man is standing in the front. There are thirty younger individuals sitting in a uniform setup in the room. The intimidating elderly man happens to be speaking in a projecting volume, instilling [...]

“Selfees” (SEL-FĒS) explained

Researchers have taken notice of a strange habit that tribesmen use as another way to communicate. They use the memory boxes to go on “the web.” Deriving from the Noitaiva’s natural and apparently arachnid origins, the web is how the [...]