01202019 Headline:

The astounding development of the Noitaiva tribesmen

For two years Raisbeck Geographic researchers have speculated over the development of the natives, but with new in-depth studies fascinating information has come into light. As our researchers observe these strange and backward people, development [...]

Habit-forming drink captivates Noitaiva population

  It’s 8:45 a.m. in the feeding chamber of the temple of learning. Crowds of tribesmen cluster around tables, shouting greetings to incoming compatriots, and laughing raucously. Low-fidelity mating chants are being blasted from memory boxes [...]

Rings, bling and other things

Observing the Noitaiva tribesmen, it is quite obvious that they go to great lengths to make themselves special and distinct from one another by adding accessories to bodies. Many do not appear to have a specific purpose. A noticeable number [...]

Where da’ ladies at

In the tribe of Noitaiva, it has been noted by several of the researches that the male to female ratio between the tribesmen is far from equal. In fact, the males far outnumber the amount of females, making the males within the various castes [...]

The unusual cultural outfits of the Noitaiva

  Noitaiva tribesmen strut down the hallways on the daily dressed in costumes ranging from professional to 12-year old to promiscuous rebel. Most of the shirts had some kind of unusual neck wrap. The pants were all the same look and none were [...]