Uncharted territories in the temple

Walking by the dark, concrete balcony, there is an eerie feeling that comes over you.

This could just be the legend of the balcony messing with your mind and yet still you want nothing more than to walk through those large ominous and mysterious barriers.

Looking through the glass doors, the sun shines in just a way to catch your own reflection. Should you enter and face what was locked away forever, or muster the common sense to walk away?

Then there’s the infamous fourth floor. Archaeologists don’t actually know what the fourth floor of the temple of learning holds, as no one has ever dared to enter. Even the researchers from other temple dig sites have had no luck in producing any new evidence regarding what the fourth floor holds.

The tribe didn’t have much record of the fourth floor either, however. Only myths and legends have been told of the fourth floor. The chieftains were the only ones to have the knowledge of what the mysterious plane forholds.

The fourth floor was built along with the temple. Some say the elders sent the tribespeople there for initiation, but most never returned.

The tribespeople were known to speak rumors of the fourth floor, but no prevalent evidence was really certain. It is known that in ancient texts, the elders were the only ones permitted onto the fourth floor and balconies.

Once there was even an adventurous explorer, who thought it fell upon himself to gather the courage and sneak beyond the veil of floors 1-3. Evidence shows that the explorer brought a notepad, a camera, and a recording device. He is said to have never returned.

Some say his tools that he brought along still remain in the unforgiving land of the fourth floor, but nevertheless, nobody has taken it upon themselves to venture ever into the darkness, with the looming notion that they may never return.

Certainly only one conclusion can be drawn about this realm, and that is that it is the home of the gods themselves, reaching closest to the sky.

The balconies are no different. However, these monuments to the sun god clearly were meant to be accessed exclusively by the elders because they were to be the only ones praising the sun god from that distance.

In a sense, they were trying to get closer to the sun god by building higher. They thought it was easier to contact the sun god if they propelled themselves closer to the skies.

More is known of the balconies than of the 4th floor. But little is known of what will happen if someone not worthy or of chieftain status enters the forbidden worshipping grounds.

The only recorded evidence of the tribesmen entering the forbidden balconies is that of a tribesmen who entered during the early construction of the temple of learning.

Why the tribesmen were never allowed into these places, we may never know. But we do know without a doubt that they exist and if any of the rumors provided by the historical evidence turn out to be true, then the temple of learning will be shrouded in even more mystery and history.

For now, however, these puzzling places in the temple of learning will remain untouched by human hand.

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