01202019 Headline:

Extensive quadricycle use among the Noitaiva

Mechanically-powered quadricycles seem to be a popular possession among the older of the Noitaiva and used daily. These oddly shaped objects take the form of large metal boxes with round rollers attached that seem to make this dihedral locomotive [...]

Uncharted territories in the temple

Walking by the dark, concrete balcony, there is an eerie feeling that comes over you. This could just be the legend of the balcony messing with your mind and yet still you want nothing more than to walk through those large ominous and mysterious [...]

Abandoned temples of Noitaivan past

During the two years the Noitaiva have been studied, they have only occupied one location. However, two other locations, one relatively close and the other over seven miles away, have been discovered as previous Noitaiva settlements. We first [...]

Mechanical quadricycles propel tribesmen

Watch as an unsuspecting tribesman starts his mechanical-powered quadricycle. A strange grunting sound emanates out of the back of the quadricycle’s exhaust. Rubber circles grip the ground as the quadricycle leaps forward! All quadricycles [...]

Thinking inside the box

As research groups followed the tribesmen throughout their typical day, they observed some rather peculiar behavior. From interacting with other tribesmen to their sessions of education, these tribesmen use small and large memory boxes for just [...]

The almighty wish-granting machine

Worshipped by the elders and tribal members, this mysterious wish-granting machine seems to have god-like abilities that can create anything with the push of a button. One of the elders enters the room with a younger tribe member. They both [...]