01202019 Headline:

Spiritual sanctum gatherings signify wide range of meanings

Upon observing the Noitiava, lead researchers observed many special tribal events. Out of all such events, the natives appeared to be the most excited about their tri-annual spiritual gatherings. Large herds of these Noitaiva are known to gather [...]

A day in the life of the Noitaiva

After constant monitoring and observation of the Noitaiva people for months on end, our researchers have noted how they seem to enter their Temple of Learning for a certain time period and remain there for approximately seven hours Being proud [...]

Bizarre culture for and against laziness

In the Raisbeck Geographic’s recent expedition into the tribe of Noitava, anthropologists took an in-depth look at how tribesmen spend their time. Over the last few months, they observed the daily gridlock battles between two extreme camps–those [...]

Tribe members get movings

The five minute transitions are a ritual that all members of the Novitiva tribe take part of. It is believed that this is to ensure the tribe members don’t become too inflated while sitting inside their designated chambers of enlightenment. Even [...]

Tribe utilizes quadricycles to obtain debatably better food

Watch as an unsuspecting tribesman starts his mechanical-powered quadricycle. A strange grunting sound emanates out of the back of the quadricycle’s exhaust. Rubber circles grip the ground as the quadricycle leaps forward! His companions join [...]

Tribe members fill in mysterious circles after reading holy book

In the late winter of the tribe members’ third session of education and in the fall season of their fourth (and hopefully final) session, they take part in an initiation period that is very secretive, and is assessed in a holy book. The ritual [...]