Ultimate Christmas Special Deathmatch

Students this holiday season are preparing to go to blows over their treasured TV holiday traditions.

“My favorite Christmas special has got to be Charlie Brown, simply because it puts all others to shame… I can’t stand anything Disney related though… It taints your soul with a darkness that can’t be scrubbed away.” -Sophomore Champagne Ryder

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town (the claymation) is best because it reminds me to just keep putting one foot in front of the other… While sporting a Kevin Schilling beard. A Christmas Story is definitely the worst because then I decided to go test out whether or not MY tongue would stick to a frozen flagpole…” -Senior Jonah Graves

“My favorite Christmas special has to be A Charlie Brown Christmas. As for my least favorite, that’s hard to pick, because I don’t watch the others.” -RAHS teacher Troy Hoehne

“My favorite Christmas special of all time is a rendition of Sherlock Holmes, with Jeremy Brendt. It’s got something about the hope diamond, and there’s this mess with a Christmas goose. My least favorite Christmas special by far is Die Hard 2. Yes, it’s a Christmas movie.” -Junior Hannah Baker

“My favorite Christmas special from my childhood is Charlie Brown, ‘cause they got the snowflake music that’s all ‘doodle do doodle do doodle do doo,’ and the part with the Christmas tree, and when they said all it needed was a little love, and I was all ‘AWWWW’” -Junior Nick Tucker

“I love all Christmas specials. Why can’t they play all year round?” -Junior Kat Bronson

“Christmas specials kinda suck.” -Senior Thomas Blanchette

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