Summer concerts come around

As summer draws near, many students are preparing for their vacations and relaxing during the warm weather. Some students like Josh Buenbrazo are going to venture out during concert season. Many concerts and festivals are spread throughout the summer: Pain in the Grass, Bumbershoot, jazz festivals, as well as performances by Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, Metallica, and many others.


Buenbrazo has his tickets and is ready to venture out to his concerts.


“This summer I’ll be seeing J-Cole, XXXTentacion, Kendrick Lamar, and Bryson Tiller,” said Buenbrazo.


Bosques went to go see Metallica, a popular heavy metal band coming to town 9 August, and had one of the best experiences due to the stage setup and performance.


“[Metallica] was probably the best concert I have been to in my life,” said Bosques. “The energy and passion was there; you could feel it in the air of the concert, in your seats.”


Bosques and Buenbrazo have some opposing views about small venues and bigger venues.


“Indie concerts–don’t get me wrong–are great,” said Bosques. “But, for a really memorable experience, popular [artists’ concerts] are the place to go.”


Buenbrazo, contrary to Bosques’ opinions, actually prefers indie concerts.


“I definitely prefer the smaller and more intimate,” said Buenbrazo. “Concerts such as those in the Wamu, Showbox, and any other general admission venues for concerts.”


Bosques has some recommendations for some new concertgoers, with tips to inform newcomers on how to achieve best experience.


“For some really great experiences go see a popular artist,” said Bosques, “Their set ups for their concerts are amazing and well produced.”


Similarly, Buenbrazo also has three steps with many essential tips to make your concerts rock.


“One’s gotta stay hydrated especially if you’re moshing, but even if you’re in a large concert venue, it can still get super hot.


“Also stay safe y’all. There’s some crazy people at some concerts so be sure you bring homies to keep tabs on you throughout the night.”


“And finally, research. Research is going to be essential to having a successful night. Find the set list online so you can make sure you get your favorite songs on the young Snapchat story. Do research to find what the tour “merch” is going to be, as well as find out how admission works so you can beat the lines.”


Buenbrazo talks about his first concert, Lana Del Rey Being his first and weirdest concert.


“Lana Del Rey is definitely not my cup of tea being Indie-Pop / alternative along with having openers that were folk,” Said Buenbrazo, “It hurts to reflect on.”


Buenbrazo loves going to concerts and said that’s one of the reasons he keeps going.


“I’ve gone to most of my rap concerts with her,” Buenbrazo states, “because we share so much of the same music taste”

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