Students show off their talents at NHS’ annual talent show

Felix Bosques plays his original song "Detached" at the talent show.
Felix Bosques plays his original song “Detached” at the talent show.

On 26 May, twenty-one students from RAHS displayed their talents at the annual talent show hosted by the National Honor Society.


The winner of this year’s talent show was sophomore Felix Bosques, who performed an original composition on his guitar.


“I’m happy that I was able to take the win two years in a row,” said Bosques. “To be honest, I just played through my song a couple of times and just tried to train myself before [the show].”


Though he ended up winning, during the performance, Bosques had trouble with his other instrument: his throat.


“It was kind of unfortunate that I got allergies right before I went on stage, so my throat [was] messed up,” said Bosques, “but I tried to push through it to see if I could do it, and I’m pretty sure I did, which was nice.”


Bosques has been playing the guitar for most of his life, and he says his skill comes from many years of practice.


“I started playing the guitar eight years ago when I got an electric guitar as a Christmas present,” said Bosques. “I’ve been playing for half my life, and it’s a half of my life spent [well].”


In the future, Bosques is looking to continue playing guitar and writing music that highlights issues he thinks are important.


“My main goal with music is to write [about] things that I see and broadcast it to the world,” said Bosques. “I feel like there are some things that are untouched by light in this world, and I think that if I can notice them, I can shine light on them and I hope to evoke those kinds of emotions.”


Senior John Porcaro, whose country singing was highly anticipated by the crowd, left with the experience and confidence that he was looking for.


“While performing all I thought was smile, stay calm, and make the audience melt in their seat.” said Porcaro.


Porcaro also started singing when he was younger but had to stop due to school.


“I’ve sang for quite awhile. I used to perform in front of people back in the day,” said Porcaro. “When [I] started getting into high school and such, my voice changed, and I didn’t know I could sing country until a year ago.”


When preparing for the talent show, Porcaro constantly practiced  the song he was going to perform.


“I knew I was going to do the talent show back in late March so I pretty much sang that song to its instrumental probably ten times a day for the last couple of months everyday,” said Porcaro. “I decided that since this is my last year, I should give it all [I’ve] got.”


Porcaro looks to use his skill of county singing along with his newly found confidence to help his grandfather.


“My grandfather sings, and he still puts on shows and such, and now that I’m kind of situated,” said Porcaro, “I’m going to start singing with him as I continue growing and continue becoming better with my vocals.”


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