Men look fly at Mr. Aviation

The men at Mr. Aviation preforming the dance.
Photo Courtesy of: Kenny Pham

On 27 Apr. 2018, Mr. Aviation, RAHS’ male beauty pageant, was held in the BPC. The contestants tried their hand at a dance, showcased their many skills in a talent show, and demonstrated how smooth of a talker they are when answering questions. The 2018 winner of Mr. Aviation, sophomore Chase Barton, will receive a cardboard cutout of himself, a free parking spot, and free tickets to every RAHS dance for the next school year.  

During this year’s Mr. Aviation Pageant, junior Kenny Pham, ASB President-elect and Mr. Aviation contestant, created the dance that all of the contestants perform at the beginning of the Pageant. Pham was the 2017 Mr. Aviation victor and is known for his dance moves.

“Mr. Aviation, to me, is an event in which family members and students can watch participants really strut their stuff, and showcase their unique personalities as they go through a fashion show, talent show, and finally a question and answer portion at the very end,” said Pham.  

For Pham, his favorite part of the pageant was the talent show.

“Over the years, participants have always thought up of incredible showcases of their personal talents, ranging from dancing, to singing, to spoken word, and it’s always entertaining to see the excited crowd cheer on each act.”said Pham.  “The energy levels are so high during this portion and it’s always amazing to see people cheer at the top of their lungs,” said Pham.

But Mr. Aviation isn’t just about competing for a prize. For a lot of the students, Mr. Aviation can be about releasing stress and watching fellow students

Since there is always such strong audience participation for the competition, Pham feels it is a crucial part of RAHS culture.

“Mr. Aviation brings people together for a night in which everyone can let loose and watch, and cheer on their friends while they compete for the Mr. Aviation crown,” said Pham.

One of the aspects of the competition that likely draws the large crowd of students is because it is totally coordinated by students.

“Mr. Aviation is all student run,” said Pham. “Whoever volunteers, creates the dance choreography for the opening number, and the event coordinators on ASB — who were [juniors] Erin Magarro and Caroline Tran this year — lead meetings with the participants to make sure the event runs smoothly.”

However, not everything about the event is decided by the organizers. The contestants can make major decisions as well.

“The participants are in charge of their fashion show attire, talent, and answers for the questions,” said Pham. “This entire event is run by the students, and the only involvement faculty has is that they rate and judge the participants.”  

One of the most anticipated parts of Mr. Aviation is how it can draw people together and have them focus on one common goal.

“It’s really amazing how so many people can come together to create this exciting and hype event,” said Pham. “It also brings out the hype in people, and it continues to build up this community we have, filled with diverse talents all around.”

For contestant senior William Schnaith, the competition is about showcasing his talents.

“Mr. Aviation is a way to express talents I wouldn’t be able to show off in a regular fashion,” said Schnaith.

Like Pham, Schnaith also said the talent show was his favorite part. However, a large part of what Mr. Aviation meant to Schnaith was being known to others in RAHS.

“Also, it’s a great way of getting yourself known in our school’s community,” said Schnaith.

Another thing Schnaith enjoys about Mr. Aviation is the impact one can make on the school.

“Whether it’s working with the ASB, other contestants, or showing off to the crowd, you can leave a positive impact on a lot of people very easily,” said Schnaith.

Overall, Mr. Aviation is a great outlet for the students of RAHS to express themselves and showcase their unique talents.

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