Marvel at RAHS students’ failures

Valery Martinez and her 2015 Alumni squad joined to form a team of Marvel heroes for last year's Superhero Spirit Day.
Valery Martinez and her 2015 Alumni squad joined to form a team of Marvel heroes for last year’s Superhero Spirit Day.

Over the past ten years, the Marvel empire has consumed many students’ lives. Their love for Marvel knows no bounds, affecting grades, sleep, and social lives.


Students go out of their way to embrace the culture of the Marvel fandom. Many binge watch films or attend the midnight premieres.


“I went to the midnight premiere for the Avengers, the first one, with my father because we are fangirls,” said senior Valery Martinez. “I have most definitely binge watched all the marvel movies are close to in order as possible. I was at a sleepover with my best friend but she fell asleep really early on; I still watched them.”


To be among the first to view a new film is a coveted opportunity for many fans, so they often jump on any opportunity to do so.


“I went to the midnight premiere for [Captain America] The Winter Soldier and I think that’s the only one but I did watch [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] in order of progression,” said senior Jillian Mellinger. “I watched all of the movies and the two seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  that were out at the time. I would not recommend that, it took a long time.”


Both Mellinger and Martinez go further than just ignoring their need to sleep to fulfill their love of the Marvel movies. Sometimes special occasions take precedence over their school work.


“I did [go to school the day after the midnight premiere], it really didn’t mess up too much, because let’s be real here,” said Mellinger, “we’ve all stayed until three or four AM before for school. Except this time, I didn’t do school.”


Substituting movie premieres for schoolwork is a common theme among RAHS students, as Martinez did the same thing.  


“I’m pretty sure I went to go watch [Captain America] Civil War on my birthday, the 8th on a Sunday,” said Martinez. “I knew I had a lot of homework that night but went anyway.”


Students make their love for comics and movies extremely well known among their peers by sharing their vast knowledge about the characters, their powers, and their stories. In addition to attending premieres and binge-watching shows, students like Mellinger, show their deep-seeded love for Marvel by cosplaying or dressing up as some of the characters.  


“I’m pretty sure most people know that I love Marvel because I love to talk about my geekiness to anyone around,” said Martinez. “Even the other day in National Honor Society we were asked to pass two questions on. I chose one about films in general and the second was about superheros and someone immediately knew which was mine because of the Marvel question.”

In addition to flaunting their geekiness about the school, they also show their love to the rest of the comic community.


“I cosplayed Ms. Marvel three years ago [at Comic Con]; I go to Comic Con every year. I do keep up with the comics, not as much recently though,” said Mellinger. “I’ve always been Marvel, I’ve been Marvel ever since I was a little kid and I read my first Wolverine comic. That’s just what got me into it.”


Even though Marvel may not be the preferred choice for every student, there is comic or movie for those who want to embrace that part of the RAHS school culture.


“I think that there are comic runs out there for everybody,” said Mellinger. “If you’re into dark nitty-gritty stuff, there’s that, and if you’re into just having fan service, there’s that too. I think that there’s stuff that is expressing the way things that are happening in society right now which is why we’re seeing this shift in comics. I think that it’s all good.”

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