K-Pop enables students to express themselves

Andreah Elvira, Kayla Tran and Rhoana Marie stans over BTS’s new song ‘DNA’.
Photo By: Tristina Huynh

K-Pop has influenced RAHS students as a way for them to come together and interact with one another through a mutual interest.

Senior Francesca Gaerlan believes that K-Pop brought her to meet new people and  experiences fun activities such as concerts and festivals.

“Through K-Pop, I was able to connect more with students who also liked K-Pop,” said Gaerlan. “Not only have I met people who liked K-Pop inside of the school community, but also outside, by going to K-Pop events, I’ve met people who I am really close with because of K-Pop.”

Artists such as BTS, Crush, and Kang Gary influence Gaerlan on a deeper level as they focus on issues such as societal that she connects with.

“My favorite K-Pop group is BTS, I also like IU; they both produce songs that will make you think of what they mean on a deeper level,” said Gaerlan. “There are also solo artists that I listen to like Crush and Kang Gary. These artists focuses on all the societal issues, and I guess I just liked that about them.”

Senior Abigail Quinsay feels a strong connection through K-Pop due to how she relates to the band Day 6 on a language level.

“Jae or Brian, [members of the band, Day 6] he’s bilingual and grew up in LA, so his Korean isn’t amazing and sometimes you can hear his American accent,” said Quinsay. “He also talks about how he struggles with writing Korean lyrics. I’m the same way with Tagalog. I look up to these guys and other artists.”

K-Pop also helped revive Quinsay’s creative side.

“Before high school, I used to be in better touch with my creative side, I would write stories, poetry, and make movies with my friends,” said Quinsay. “Ever since I started listening to K-Pop I’ve been inspired by the artists and community to get back into those creative hobbies.

BTS influences Quinsay with their lyrics that helps her study and stay on track in school.

“One time I was procrastinating by reading BTS’s ‘Pied Piper’ lyrics and one line said ‘Video clips, pictures, tweets, … It’s not just one hour, it’s a whole year that’ll disappear,’” said Quinsay. “That line was so real for me and kinda scared me, so I got started on my homework. Situations similar to this happen kinda often because sometimes K-Pop idols like to remind their fans to study.”

K-Pop has been a big part of junior Katie Taylor’s life because it helps her connect with other people with the same interest.

“For me, K-Pop is an essential part of my life, I don’t think I can imagine myself without it. One of the reasons why I love K-Pop is that it connects me with other people who also like it,” said Taylor. “Personally I’m not very good at making conversations unless I have something to say, but if I’m talking to someone and we share the same passion for K-Pop, then I will almost always have something to say.”

K-Pop has helped Taylor strengthen her friendship with her best friend.

“I introduced her to it pretty soon after I got into it myself, and I also taught her some basic Korean,” said Taylor. “We’re both really passionate about K-Pop and I feel that this shared interest has helped bring us closer.”

Memorizing K-Pop lyrics boost Taylor’s confidence.

“Learning songs in a language with a different alphabet was a pretty daunting task,” said Taylor. “Having done it has shown me that I can succeed at new things that seem really intimidating, so personally that’s been a good confidence-booster.”

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