Davie Anne Ross appointed ASB Art Director

Davie Anne Ross laughing at something a friend said while drawing a picture of Bob Ross.
Photo By: Semay Alazar

Davie Anne Ross, RAHS ASB Art Director, has began the year prepared to take on not only incumbent responsibilities, such as making posters and decorating dances, but also new responsibilities, like creating new designs for RAHS merchandise.

As Art Director, Ross’ main job is to head the Leadership Class’s Art Committee, designing the various posters for school events.

“That’s basically my job, organizing them [art committee members],” said Ross, “giving more ideas to them, and allowing them to use their own [ideas] as well in a very cohesive atmosphere where we’re able to create things that make our school not just more beautiful but more colorful, and find ways to represent the student body in art.”

Another of Ross’s main focuses is to increase the number of student-made projects that have already been selling at the Spirit Shack.

“[I] definitely want to try and make more merchandise. I feel like this years’ were a pretty big hit, a lot of people seemed to like the authentic student-made designs,” said Ross. “I want to incorporate a lot more graphics into our merchandise instead of just all text.”

Ross is driven by student art-work, which she believes is a key facet to ASB.“Whether they be personal designs or graphic logos, we were able to introduce student artwork into our merchandise this year,” said Ross. “Something I really want to get more [of] is representation of the student body [through our merchandise], versus just strictly ASB, [the] art director, [or] anyone within ASB.”

The creation of these student designs was due to the need for newer, better looking merch.

“I felt like in past years merchandise that RAHS had produced was more [text based],” said Ross, “and I was looking for more ways to incorporate art and logos into it and actually have other people produce art for themselves to be included in designs for the future.”

Kenny Pham, ASB Vice President, enjoys the creative and often funny designs that have come from this new approach.

“[The] Bob Ross [shirt design] was created by Felix Bosques, Davie Anne Ross, and Eric Lottsfeldt. We decided that should be on a shirt because that was really funny,” said Pham. “The leadership kids definitely have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to creating logos in that class.”

While it is her main job, Ross’ focus is not limited to Art Committee. She also works with event coordinators to design decoration for dances and other events.

“I feel like the look and aesthetic of a certain place or environment really influences the atmosphere and who goes there and how people feel,” said Ross. “It’s really important to have something that reflects the mood that you’re trying to go for at certain events.”

The Art Director will work on just about anything that needs some artistic flare.

“The [Art Director] works on making sure the art direction in our everyday lives, with dances or with the slides in assemblies, [is done well],” said Kenny Pham. “Anything that relates to art or needs visual appeal, the art director will be there to take the job.”

Ross has always been an artistically inclined person, so it has been difficult for her to find artistic outlets at RAHS, a more STEM focused school.

“This being a STEM school, there are very few outlets for my artistic capabilities and affinities, so whenever I see something [art related], I really commit to going forth and committing to it,” said Ross. “So when I saw Art Director, I saw that as a really great opportunity to not only find an outlet for my artistic capabilities, but to also produce something that would be seen on a widespread scale.”

With Art Director and leader of the RAHS String Ensemble on her plate, Ross hasn’t had much time for herself, so seeing her own artwork worn by many students has been validating for her.

“I don’t really have a lot of time to draw and paint for myself, on the weekends or even during the week,” said Ross. “I definitely saw Art Director and String Ensemble as a way for me to find artistic outlets within school so it wouldn’t consume too much time.”

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