Boeing revamps internships for RAHS juniors

RAHS alumni Vee Glessner participates in a Boeing Internships during the summer of 2016.
Photo Courtesy of: Vee Glessner

For the summer of 2018, Boeing is offering 11 internships for students at RAHS who are interested in the aviation and other related fields.

Career Choices teacher Renee Olsen is helping coordinate all of these opportunities, and Boeing has increased the amount of them offered. Olsen has been very involved in the preparation for these opportunities.

“We have 11 Boeing internships offered this year, and that’s up from 7 last year, and they range from web design to chemical departments,” said Olsen. “There’s quite a wide variety of them.”

Boeing offers these jobs in areas and departments that require more attention.

“They are very similar [to previous years], but different departments can join in, so a department that has need, or sees that they can have an intern, then that department would step up,” said Olsen. “Boeing [Human Resources] goes out and puts out a message to all the departments and then they decide if they want interns.”

The interviews will decide who gets the job, so RAHS students have to prepare for that event.

“The internships’ names for the people that have applied for interviews go out [April 2], and will be posted [later that] afternoon,” said Olsen. “The interviews will be on April 16. The actual internships are going to be from June 25 to August 23.”

Not only is this incredibly helpful for the departments they would work for, but it comes with other benefits that other internships do not offer.

“These internships will be very beneficial, very helpful departments they can work in,” said Olsen. “They pay over $15.00 per hour, so they pay well and it’s all summer long meaning they get a lot of hours and experience.”

They also finish the internship with an out briefing, and people get to see what they have accomplished with Boeing.

“They do a nice out briefing, which is a presentation scheduled for August 15,” said Olsen, “so we get to go in and meet with [the students] see their work, see their management and everything they’ve been doing.”

There are some basic restraints, but overall the application process is rather simple. Olsen helps facilitate the application forms with students.

“The application process is not that difficult. They do have to do a resume, cover letter, and fill out the Boeing paperwork. There are some stipulations though,” said Olsen. “They have to be a junior, that’s Boeing’s rule, and they have to be a U.S. citizen to work at Boeing. So we have to go through security and that sort of thing. It’s a little more serious to get through that orientation than other internships offered.”

Anna Hardy is a junior from RAHS who applied and did an interview for the Boeing internships.

“The application process was not hard,” said Hardy. “All you had to do was to have a resume, a cover letter, and then fill out a little form for each job application.”

Boeing actually offered a wide variety of internships, thus appealing to many students. Hardy found her own interest in several of them.

“For mine specifically, one of them was called the P8 quality intern and there you worked on process auditing and using different skills for that purpose,” said Hardy. “There are also different jobs such as the shipside support engineer, and there were many that had to do with chemistry. And then, the other job I interviewed for was the web development [job].”

Hardy truly believes that these opportunities will benefit those who participate, and will help especially for college application.

“I am hoping to take the skills in the internship for my future career, as well as using the experience for internships to come,” said Hardy. “[It will also] help for getting into colleges, and just bettering my future.”

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