Blue Origin internship takes off

Brynne Hunt, winner of the Blue Origin internship shows off her Blue Origin shirt with pride
Brynne Hunt, winner of the Blue Origin internship shows off her Blue Origin shirt with pride

In March 2017, junior Brynne Hunt was informed that she got the Blue Origin internship.


“I feel really excited.” said Hunt, “I didn’t really expect to get it and I was really nervous with the whole interview process.”


Many things happen during internships.


“Interns participate in real engineering design projects related to the development and construction of human spaceflight systems.” according to the Blue Origin website. “Working directly with our team, students gain real-life experience that allows them to apply classroom learning to real aerospace challenges.”


Hunt has been no specified on the specifics on her internship due to Blue Origin’s regulations but she was allowed to say the general portion of what she will do for ten weeks this summer.


“They haven’t really told me a lot and I am also not really allowed to say that much,” said Hunt, ”but I will be working on the human carcapsule team for the New Shephard rocket.”


Blue Origin has many past intern projects some of which have helped people be introduced to the workforce, similar to Hunt.


“Building and testing a pressurization-control system for testing rocket engines,” said Blue Origin’s website with all internship information, “and developing software and building circuitry for a communications network”


“Everyone at Blue Origin so far has been so nice and welcoming.” said Hunt. “I’m really excited to work with them.”


Hunt will be participating in their program and might even travel to the Blue Origin establishment in Texas.


“I don’t know if I’m going to the one in Texas,” said Hunt, “but I told them I am open to it if it’s needed.”


Hunt also expressed her liking to her previous internship working at the Port of Seattle.


“Last summer I worked at the Port.” said Hunt. “It was a more traditional job, collared shirts, 9-5 work environment but it was great”

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