ACE Club gives back to the community

ACE Club prepares before placing wreaths to support veterans.
Photo Credit: Mr. Edgerton

Recently, ACE Club participated with the organization Wreaths Across America in order to give back to the community and to demonstrate kindness. It is a charity fund that helps out families of veterans that have passed away.

Sophomore and ACE Club member Alex Keller appreciates the effort put into setting up the event. Keller feels that it is for a great cause, and really cares about helping out the community. Not only this, but it even fits the overall theme of RAHS, in that it relates to aviation.

“For ACE Club, they have different branches in the military, one of which being the Air Force, which relates to aviation,” said Keller, “and so for ACE club, it allowed us to really give back to the community through aviation.”

Keller felt inspired by those working with the organization, and was really impressed with what they have done. He feels that its purpose is beneficial and supportive for veterans and their families.

“It shows how many people are super devoted to this,” said Keller, “and how many people really care about the veterans that we’ve lost, and the amount of care that goes into it.”

Wreaths Across America reinvited ACE Club because of their effort. Keller is excited to go back, and hopes they can continue to support Wreaths Across America.

Sophomore ACE Club member Bernie Jones participated in this event, and helped out. He has been a part of the club since freshman year, and continues to be apart of ACE Club, and supported Wreaths Across America with them.

“So we recently participated in Wreaths Across America,” said Jones, “which is essentially a day of remembrance of fallen veterans, and we hung wreaths on their gravestones.”

Jones appreciates that it is a charity that fits the purpose of ACE Club very well. Since the Air Force is a branch of the military that relates to aviation, it fits the theme of RAHS and specifically ACE Club.

“We’re a service club and so we really wanted to get incorporated with the veterans and different veteran organizations,” said Jones, “so this one worked out great.”

Wreaths Across America also has another factor that makes it unique compared to other events. It has a unified time dedicated across the country where it other places and schools participate simultaneously to honor veterans.

“It’s super cool because it takes place at the same time every place across the nation,” said Jones, “so for example it started here at 9:00am, and 12:00pm on the East Coast.”

It is a rather difficult as far as the requirements for the task. It is quite time consuming and ACE Club has had to put a lot of effort into making it work out.

“The biggest challenge I’d say would be picking out a new location,” said Jones, “and they’re having us map out all of the veterans, which is a lot of work, and there is still more to be done.”

ACE Club was incredibly efficient and helpful for Wreaths Across America. It is even a possibility that it could be a reoccurring event for some RAHS students to partake in.

“We have a lot of numbers so, and we’ve already started that job that I was talking about,” said Jones, “so that’s why we got reinvited.”

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