In the tribe of Noitaiva, it has been noted by several of the researches that the male to female ratio between the tribesmen is far from equal. In fact, the males far outnumber the amount of females, making the males within the various castes throughout the temple of learning the numerically predominant sex. There has been speculation as to why the female population is so small in this tribe. The commonly accepted theme is that the females must fight to the death for entry into the tribe, and all the weaker females were killed off. This ritual potentially exists so that when the females mate, only the better genetics are passed from generation to generation. Due to the nature of[…]

  Noitaiva tribesmen strut down the hallways on the daily dressed in costumes ranging from professional to 12-year old to promiscuous rebel. Most of the shirts had some kind of unusual neck wrap. The pants were all the same look and none were denim. It was strange to see everyone dressed alike. A rare outlier in the midst of tribe members was wearing something different than the others, some kind of headgear. Out of nowhere a small chieftain lady came out, snatched the headgear from him and took the poor boy into an unknown room. The young tribe member must have received a horrible punishment for such an outlandish act. The small chieftain lady seemed to manage the cultural outfits[…]

  Raisbeck Geographic has recently discovered a green field where tribesmen train for battle every day and throw plastic discs at each other. These tribesmen were dressed differently than other members of the tribe, which seems to let their bodies perform actions more freely. These lightweight clothes could give them the ability to run faster than the plastic disc. The plastic disc is a weapon that this clan uses to fend off the other nearby clans that from imminent danger. It is an unusual tool but from observing the tribesmen, it is a viable weapon. The tribesmen pair up at the beginning of their training and throw plastic discs at each other with wild inconsistency. Then there would be a[…]

In the temple an enormous room exists, where an older man is standing in the front. There are thirty younger individuals sitting in a uniform setup in the room. The intimidating elderly man happens to be speaking in a projecting volume, instilling fear amongst the younger individuals. Behind the elderly man is a big white space with absurd line colorings drawn on it. The drawings seem to represent certain symbols composed of numbers and strokes that are bizarre. Judging by the boldness of the symbols, they must be emphasized with great importance. Perhaps they represent a writing system. Only the elder is standing and projecting his influential voice throughout the chamber. The tribesmen seems to be taken aback by the[…]

While the team and I traveled deep into the heart of the mass collection of tribesmen that dwell in the body of the temple, I got a good look at a black and white image of a tall haired boy. Multiple attempts at asking who or what this image was led us to the same response every time… “Jed.” The constant mockery of the word falls from the tribesmen’s mouths every time our team sought after an answer. After long attempts to contact the individual, I was only left at a dead end. Who is Jed? and why was there this constant imagery of his outline filling personal tribesman product, and the defacing of the temple of learning? Our journey[…]

Watch as an unsuspecting tribesman starts his mechanical-powered quadricycle. A strange grunting sound emanates out of the back of the quadricycle’s exhaust. Rubber circles grip the ground as the quadricycle leaps forward! All quadricycles also vary in size, color, and shape, showing that the tribesmen want to be different from each other, and possibly show off a higher social status. It seems that the older, more mature tribesmen have the quadricycles and the younger, more immature are forced to migrate in the large community quadricycle. One theory behind this strange practice is that the younger tribesmen are not yet worthy of the mechanically-powered quadricycle and must wait until they show worthiness by passing a cone-avoiding test. The temple is left[…]

In the late winter of the tribe members’ third session of education and in the fall season of their fourth (and hopefully final) session, they take part in an initiation period that is very secretive, and is assessed in a holy book. The ritual took place in one of the chambers of the temple to the winged flying machine, under some of their most treasured relics. Here they perform the ritual, which the anthropology committee believes is to display their worthiness to the relics and the demi-gods who control the afterlife that is called “college”. “College” is something that many of the tribes members discuss with either great joy or great disdain, and even with fear. It seems a more[…]

Researchers have taken notice of a strange habit that tribesmen use as another way to communicate. They use the memory boxes to go on “the web.” Deriving from the Noitaiva’s natural and apparently arachnid origins, the web is how the socially-awkward tribe socializes so they don’t have to interact face-to-face. Smiling and posing in front of their mystical devices, the tribe members proclaim their appearance to others via the boxes instead of interacting. The boxes also allow the benefit of altering images to whiten teeth and hide pubescent acne. There are many images and stories on their communication network. We predict several hundreds by taking in the size of the memory boxes and estimating the size capacity inside them. The[…]

As research groups followed the tribesmen throughout their typical day, they observed some rather peculiar behavior. From interacting with other tribesmen to their sessions of education, these tribesmen use small and large memory boxes for just about everything. Small boxes that light up consume most of the tribesman’s day. Instead of remembering who other people are, even the people they communicate with on a regular basis, they store most information in what are so far only known as memory boxes. Even while they communicate with each other, they stare at these boxes. It is truly a wonder the tribesmen seem to still interact at all. While talking with each other, they constantly tap their fingers on this box of light.[…]

All people in the Noitavia tribe have a close relationship and rely on each other for emotional support that will accelerate their mental development. These people have been observed gathering in small groups of about 30 in the chambers of enlightenment where they occasionally have intellectual conversations. It has been recently discovered that the chieftains have a keen interest in enforcing STEM education. Archaeological finds indicate that STEM is related to the base of a plant because it, too, is necessary in creating a foundation for an organism to thrive. With STEM the youth eventually grow into mature and lovely monks that will keep the cycle of learning ever moving. In turn they may provide nurturing for other tribesmen so[…]

Worshipped by the elders and tribal members, this mysterious wish-granting machine seems to have god-like abilities that can create anything with the push of a button. One of the elders enters the room with a younger tribe member. They both go directly to the almighty genie machine. This machine is made up of a tray and a collection of arms, where a cream-looking substance coming out the udders of the machine slowly constructs a new part. It is possible this is modeled after a cow, which may be yet another of the Noitaiva’s gods. Tribesmen fear but worship this divine machine, they say it can build anything with the click of a button. Pieces produced from it will be part[…]