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The unusual cultural outfits of the Noitaiva

  Noitaiva tribesmen strut down the hallways on the daily dressed in costumes ranging from professional to 12-year old to promiscuous rebel. Most of the shirts had some kind of unusual neck wrap. The pants were all the same look and none were [...]

Training that improves bodily functions

  Raisbeck Geographic has recently discovered a green field where tribesmen train for battle every day and throw plastic discs at each other. These tribesmen were dressed differently than other members of the tribe, which seems to let their [...]

Exploring in the chambers of enlightenment

In the temple an enormous room exists, where an older man is standing in the front. There are thirty younger individuals sitting in a uniform setup in the room. The intimidating elderly man happens to be speaking in a projecting volume, instilling [...]

Bridges to the gods

While the team and I traveled deep into the heart of the mass collection of tribesmen that dwell in the body of the temple, I got a good look at a black and white image of a tall haired boy. Multiple attempts at asking who or what this image [...]

Mechanical quadricycles propel tribesmen

Watch as an unsuspecting tribesman starts his mechanical-powered quadricycle. A strange grunting sound emanates out of the back of the quadricycle’s exhaust. Rubber circles grip the ground as the quadricycle leaps forward! All quadricycles [...]

Tribe members fill in mysterious circles after reading holy book

In the late winter of the tribe members’ third session of education and in the fall season of their fourth (and hopefully final) session, they take part in an initiation period that is very secretive, and is assessed in a holy book. The ritual [...]

“Selfees” (SEL-FĒS) explained

Researchers have taken notice of a strange habit that tribesmen use as another way to communicate. They use the memory boxes to go on “the web.” Deriving from the Noitaiva’s natural and apparently arachnid origins, the web is how the [...]

Thinking inside the box

As research groups followed the tribesmen throughout their typical day, they observed some rather peculiar behavior. From interacting with other tribesmen to their sessions of education, these tribesmen use small and large memory boxes for just [...]

Paternal and maternal figures in society

All people in the Noitavia tribe have a close relationship and rely on each other for emotional support that will accelerate their mental development. These people have been observed gathering in small groups of about 30 in the chambers of enlightenment [...]

The almighty wish-granting machine

Worshipped by the elders and tribal members, this mysterious wish-granting machine seems to have god-like abilities that can create anything with the push of a button. One of the elders enters the room with a younger tribe member. They both [...]

Five-day celebration involves chanting and fire

A first-year Noitaivian tribesman wanders the temple of learning in what can only be called the calm before the storm. In the next week, tribesman will participate in a week of worshiping the spirits. This semi-regulated week of celebration [...]