12162019 Headline:

Abandoned temples of Noitaivan past

During the two years the Noitaiva have been studied, they have only occupied one location. However, two other locations, one relatively close and the other over seven miles away, have been discovered as previous Noitaiva settlements. We first [...]

Habit-forming drink captivates Noitaiva population

  It’s 8:45 a.m. in the feeding chamber of the temple of learning. Crowds of tribesmen cluster around tables, shouting greetings to incoming compatriots, and laughing raucously. Low-fidelity mating chants are being blasted from memory boxes [...]

Tribe members get movings

The five minute transitions are a ritual that all members of the Novitiva tribe take part of. It is believed that this is to ensure the tribe members don’t become too inflated while sitting inside their designated chambers of enlightenment. Even [...]

Tribe utilizes quadricycles to obtain debatably better food

Watch as an unsuspecting tribesman starts his mechanical-powered quadricycle. A strange grunting sound emanates out of the back of the quadricycle’s exhaust. Rubber circles grip the ground as the quadricycle leaps forward! His companions join [...]

Home-wurk dictates tribe’s lives

  What is “home-wurk”? Many have asked that question, but few know the answer. Tribesmen have been observed spending an entire day saying this word, causing some of the leading scientists to believe home-wurk was the product of debilitating [...]

Rings, bling and other things

Observing the Noitaiva tribesmen, it is quite obvious that they go to great lengths to make themselves special and distinct from one another by adding accessories to bodies. Many do not appear to have a specific purpose. A noticeable number [...]

Trying to keep the temple of learning healthy

Our team of psychologists have delved into the minds of the Noitaiva and study questionable behavior that has been connected to unhealthy living habits. Understanding how these creatures function on a day-to-day basis could possibly be the key [...]

Raisbeck Geographic Intro Piece

Two years ago, a small society of natives were discovered deep in the heart of the Duwamish River Valley. They are simply known as the Noitaiva (NOY-TAY-VA). Raisbeck Geographic has followed the Noitaiva people since they were found, and has [...]

The mystery of the feeding grounds

The tribesmen run as fast as if they’ve never seen food in their life. Being kept in a room full of tribesmen and elders for 40 to 100 minutes makes these creatures furious. The tribesmen fill the feeding grounds so fast, they trip over each [...]

Ground Control April 2015

Question Dear Ground Control, How do I balance spending time with my friends in the midst of the craziest time of year? Sincerely, ”No Life Nerd”   Response Dear “No Life Nerd,” As you know, life here is kind of terrifying. I mean, [...]

Where da’ ladies at

In the tribe of Noitaiva, it has been noted by several of the researches that the male to female ratio between the tribesmen is far from equal. In fact, the males far outnumber the amount of females, making the males within the various castes [...]