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Extensive quadricycle use among the Noitaiva

Mechanically-powered quadricycles seem to be a popular possession among the older of the Noitaiva and used daily. These oddly shaped objects take the form of large metal boxes with round rollers attached that seem to make this dihedral locomotive [...]

Dawn of the Monk

In the second week of every month, early in the morning there is a great gathering between both young and old. On this uncommon occasion people presumed to be monks, travel to the Noitaiva village. They gather in a strange pit that appears to [...]

Tribesmen worship strange children in costumes

S ociologists working with Raisbeck Geographic have been studying the Noitaiva tribe for long enough to observe a pattern in the behavior of the tribe’s worship. There is a lot of physical evidence and observed behavior that points to the [...]

Secret language discovered for mating couples

Raisbeck Geographic has taken an in-depth look into the mating rituals of the tribesmen and what traditions they have in regards to courtship and reproduction. Despite the surplus of males, due to the ancient battle among the females of the [...]

Spiritual sanctum gatherings signify wide range of meanings

Upon observing the Noitiava, lead researchers observed many special tribal events. Out of all such events, the natives appeared to be the most excited about their tri-annual spiritual gatherings. Large herds of these Noitaiva are known to gather [...]

A day in the life of the Noitaiva

After constant monitoring and observation of the Noitaiva people for months on end, our researchers have noted how they seem to enter their Temple of Learning for a certain time period and remain there for approximately seven hours Being proud [...]

Bizarre culture for and against laziness

In the Raisbeck Geographic’s recent expedition into the tribe of Noitava, anthropologists took an in-depth look at how tribesmen spend their time. Over the last few months, they observed the daily gridlock battles between two extreme camps–those [...]

Airborne quest for answers

  Our researchers have been studying strange flying machines that soar like birds across the Noitivian skies. We caught up with the research team as they followed one of the Notivians to the nesting spot of the machines. They did their best [...]

The astounding development of the Noitaiva tribesmen

For two years Raisbeck Geographic researchers have speculated over the development of the natives, but with new in-depth studies fascinating information has come into light. As our researchers observe these strange and backward people, development [...]

Uncharted territories in the temple

Walking by the dark, concrete balcony, there is an eerie feeling that comes over you. This could just be the legend of the balcony messing with your mind and yet still you want nothing more than to walk through those large ominous and mysterious [...]