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What show should you watch?

How to ruin your own life in 40 hours or more

By Erin Christian


As far as leisure activities go, binge watching is pretty easy. If you have access to a Netflix account and time, free or not, any complete television series can become your oyster (you aren’t taking the world anytime soon).  And despite the “adverse effects to health” that binge watching may have, here are four television shows to consider watching soon.


I want to believe. The truth is out there. And that truth is that X-Files will probably ruin your life. But you’ll be enjoying it so much it won’t really matter. Following FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they investigate mysterious cases, X-Files is good for lovers of the unknown, says RAHS junior Victoria McSmith.

“I haven’t watched it long, but X-Files is a great show for everyone who likes science fiction or mystery,” said McSmith, “it was a huge inspiration to a lot of shows, like Fringe.”

X-Files is a cult classic. Each episode is good on its own, but still contributes to the overall plotline and mythology without just being the episode needed to further the plot. X-Files is also the longest show on this list, so make sure to have time to get abducted.

“Episodes are 45 minutes, so I’d say it’s a weekend-only binge show,” said McSmith, “unless you want to stay up until 3 in the morning screaming about aliens.”

Final Judgment: Illuminati confirmed

Run time: 152 hours

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is another program with binge potential, and a personal favorite of RAHS junior Kerim Cuverac.

Breaking Bad is about a teacher, Walter White, who goes through a crisis in his life,” said Curevac, “after learning he has terminal cancer.”

This is reasonable, except Walter’s solution to this crisis is to make meth with his chemistry knowledge. And so ensues drama, death, and lots of drugs and though the action amps up in later seasons, the first few are harder to get into.

“It’s slow starting, and it’s hard to get into,” said McSmith, “but once you get invested in the characters it’s a binge worthy show.”

The plot and characters are engaging, good for an audience that wants to be on the edge of its seat. Breaking Bad is rated TV-14, far too leniently,  and is definitely not appropriate for all audiences.

“It’s probably not best suited for kids,” said Curevac, “because it’s pretty explicit and there’s a lot of drug use.”

Final judgement: Better than meth

Run time: 46 hours

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is a mockumentary following Leslie Knope, bureaucrat in the–you guessed it– Parks and Recreation Department of the small town Pawnee as she attempts to get anything done. Unfortunately, she is often impeded by her coworkers, apathetic citizens, or her own overzealousness.  

With clever humor and a stellar cast including Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt before he was hot, Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, and Retta, Parks and Rec is always funny. Parks and Rec practically invented funny, and the humour is feel good without feeling stupid.

Parks and Rec has the rare quality of still feeling genuine even in the shows seventh season. The first season is the worst season, so skipping it is okay.

Final judgment: Essence of golden retriever

Run time: 41.66 hours

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls isn’t just family and romantic drama. It’s GREAT family and romantic drama. The characters are loveable and hateable. The boys are arguably hot. Grab some ice cream and get settled in.

With single mother Lorelai and her daughter Rory, nothing is ever simple. Rory struggles with high school at a rich private school, and Lorelai with her rich (and somewhat estranged) parents. Which boy will they choose? Will characters ever love one another?

Some may call Gilmore Girls sappy. They would probably be right. But it’s just the right kind of sap, the kind that makes maple syrup, not the kind that ruins clothes. Fans of the genre will love the show, but it’s a big investment if initial interest is low. Make sure to get some tissues!

Final judgment: Drama drama drama drama drama drama

Run time: 114 hours

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