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Students escape to munch on a variety of “delicacies”

Sagas of Katsu Burger, Costco, Teriyaki and more

By Sammuel Palermo

With the many restaurants surrounding RAHS, it’s no surprise that students relish their lunch experience. For the RAHS students who leave campus for lunch, it’s a sacred ritual.

Some enjoy off-campus restaurants like Katsu Burger, while others prefer Costco. No matter where they’re going or what they’re eating, many students spend their school lunch period indulging themselves in a decadent culinary experience.

Alfiya Yesuf, a senior at RAHS, loves Katsu Burger. She loves their fries so much that she makes sure to eat there frequently.

“I go to Katsu Burger almost once a week,” said Yesuf. “Large fries at Katsu Burger are very cheap. It only costs two dollars for large fries, they taste good, [and] they are also a little healthier than McDonald’s.”

Senior Helen Clumpner is another student that gets her fix from Katsu Burger.

“I usually go to Katsu Burger or get teriyaki,” said Clumpner, “[but teriyaki is] nothing compared to Katsu. Katsu is life.”

Clumpner’s passion for Katsu Burger began when Yesuf introduced her to the restaurant. After first going to Katsu Burger, Clumpner quickly grew fond of the restaurant and began to spend more time there.

“I go to Katsu Burger twice a day,” said Clumpner.

“In the morning and night,” said Yesuf.

In fact, Yesuf and Clumpner love Katsu Burger so much going there is one of their favorite ways to spend their time.

“On Sunday she wakes me up from sleep,” said Yesuf. “Instead of going to church we go to Katsu Burger.”

Besides Katsu Burger being a common favorite, Costco is another notable lunch destination.

Vald Nazarov and Quinn Edgington are juniors at RAHS that frequently go to Costco for lunch. Edgington prefers Costco to other nearby food establishments.

“It’s a lot better than McDonald’s,” said Edginton, “and it’s a lot cheaper.”

The cost of a food establishment is a key factor for Edgington when deciding where he will eat.

“Romi and I both agree [that] the food we eat is determined by how much money we have,” said Edgington, “and our health is not important.”

Nazarov, on the other hand, believes that the cost and the quality of the food are equally important and that Costco has great food for a low cost. Despite its low prices and good food, eating at Costco has its complications. Entering the store is one of the hardest parts of eating there.

“Entering the store can be rather difficult because they require a Costco card,” said Nazarov, “but the problem is the food court isn’t outside like other Costcos.”

As for getting back from Costco in a timely manner, Edgington simply relies on being as speedy as possible.

“Being as quick as possible to and from without breaking any laws, of course,” said Edgington.

There are many restaurants for RAHS students to go for lunch and many foods they can eat. For hungry RAHS students, lunch is a time of fun and feasting (and occasional speeding).

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