Bow down to the almighty Samuel Satterlee. He's not too afraid of confrontation and will gladly include anyone in his videos that's interested.
Bow down to the almighty Samuel Satterlee. He’s not too afraid of confrontation and will gladly include anyone in his videos that’s interested.

Ambitious actor and RAHS sophomore Samuel Satterlee has been working on a film mostly involving students in the school. He has been collaborating with other students to find what comedy fits him and his future videos.


“I’ve always wanted to make a film,” said Satterlee. “Everybody is very supportive about it and we all agreed that this is going to be a great idea, and it’s going to be a mockumentary like ‘The Office,’ but with students.”


A mockumentary is similar to a documentary but layers in some fictional comedy and overall humors a particular aspect of life such as, in Satterlee’s case, school. A lot of his motivation derives from the natural humor and wit he finds in the students.


“We have so many creative people at our school, and I find a lot of their comedy very funny, so we take a lot of their comedy and put them into our videos.” said Satterlee. “I’m always laughing when I’m at school. We have a lot of crazy people at our school, and not to be mean or anything, I mean crazy in a funny way.”


The people participating with Satterlee’s comedy create a filming opportunity that he greatly enjoys, and while he is still experimenting with his works, he wants to include more and more students in his films.


“Our main goal is to make something we find funny, but if others find it funny that’s great,” said Satterlee. “I would also love to involve more people in our videos, everyone is welcome, especially with our larger films.”


One such large film that is planned involves poking fun at the Mali Army, whose military cannot afford enough ammunition, so some troops resort to imitating gunfire through verbal shouts and sounds.


“We do want to go off compass to do a spoof of the Mali Army, a wonderful army,” said Satterlee. “They fake having ammunition, and we want to do a mock of that in the woods, because pretending to be an army at school would be a little crazy.”


While this film calls for off-campus filming, Satterlee wants to keep a lot of his videos relevant to the school and the student body, sticking with the idea of a mockumentary.
“That would be away from the school, in a forest or something,” said Satterlee. “We only want to film things on school campus that is relevant to the school, which is a lot, and we want as many students as we can to be in it.”