05262020 Headline:

Kizzie Fosters Art Skills

AHS Senior Kizzie Foster seems like any other student, except for one thing, she has an amazing artistic ability that few people even know about. Kizzie has been taking art class since the beginning of this school year, and since then she has [...]

Website Swap-out

When someone visited the Highline district website it had a calm, blue background with a more plain style, however that style has been changed to a more bright and creative look over winter break. www.highlineschools.org is the new Highline [...]

Student Films Invade AHS

Coming soon to a classroom near you, AHS’s film club will be hosting a film festival that will showcase different students short films and movies. This is a chance for students to show off their ability to create quality short movies, and [...]

Our Very First Play

Sophomore Surbhi Ghadia recently brought her leadership project to the stage as a non-profit production of Cat in the Hat during sixth period in the gym on January 13. “It is basically a parody,” said Ghadia of the Cat in the Hat production, [...]

Rocking Seattle this December

Concerts and art shows are popular events to attend in the Seattle area around the holidays. Places such as the Paramount Theater, and Key Arena are holding concerts, and putting on plays. There are various types of events for all ages that [...]

Craft your Christmas

Wipe away your shopping fear and make your gifts by hand this year – without the dreaded worry of shopping day fury. A gift by hand, what is it all about? A gift by hand is fantastic, no doubt. “I think it’s better to make gifts because [...]

Reflecting Your Skills

Over the years AHS students have participated in Reflections, a contest where students use their artistic abilities to create a display matching the year’s given theme. Though the entry deadline is already over this year, the thoughts for [...]

Who is the Phoenix Mascot

The AHS phoenix is more than just a bird with glorious feathers. He has a personality that is all his own, which includes fiery school spirit, a special love for Diet Coke, and a mascot rivalry. The AHS phoenix was reincarnated from a bed of [...]

Gaming on the Go

Mobile gaming is on the rise, there is no doubt about that. Companies like Halfbrick, Pop Cap, and Infinity Ward have been so successful on mobile devices, like iPhone and Android, that they have decided to take their games and recreate them [...]