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Music: Where Science And Art Converge

Music has always been an amalgamation of science and the arts. Music without an artist’s passion is simply the science of physics and acoustics;music without science is simply nonexistent.  But recently, artists have been taking this marriage [...]

“Class of 2012 Gets Inked Up; Come to the Lit Side

“I really want something that means a lot to me.” –  Class of 2012 Gets Inked Up “They can expect to have their heart-strings tugged a little, and to laugh a copious amount” – Come to the Lit Side Click Here to [...]

Art Opportunities Recognized Through Film

The AHS Film Club aims to make more opportunities available to the school through the possibility to obtain art credit through their program. Until now, media artists throughout AHS were incapable of using their skills for direct credit in school. [...]

Art Class on Campus

After first semester art teacher Garrett Shiroma took the art created by his art class and placed them in an AHS art show for all to see, and now he is looking forward to possibilities of more shows in the future, perhaps even at the end of [...]

Flashy New Student Websites

Student portfolios can often end up looking like a generic Google Site.  Although these simple sites with a couple assignments may get the job done, they’re terribly boring.  Some students are putting more effort into these portfolios [...]

Kizzie Fosters Art Skills

AHS Senior Kizzie Foster seems like any other student, except for one thing, she has an amazing artistic ability that few people even know about. Kizzie has been taking art class since the beginning of this school year, and since then she has [...]

Website Swap-out

When someone visited the Highline district website it had a calm, blue background with a more plain style, however that style has been changed to a more bright and creative look over winter break. www.highlineschools.org is the new Highline [...]

Student Films Invade AHS

Coming soon to a classroom near you, AHS’s film club will be hosting a film festival that will showcase different students short films and movies. This is a chance for students to show off their ability to create quality short movies, and [...]

Our Very First Play

Sophomore Surbhi Ghadia recently brought her leadership project to the stage as a non-profit production of Cat in the Hat during sixth period in the gym on January 13. “It is basically a parody,” said Ghadia of the Cat in the Hat production, [...]

Rocking Seattle this December

Concerts and art shows are popular events to attend in the Seattle area around the holidays. Places such as the Paramount Theater, and Key Arena are holding concerts, and putting on plays. There are various types of events for all ages that [...]

Craft your Christmas

Wipe away your shopping fear and make your gifts by hand this year – without the dreaded worry of shopping day fury. A gift by hand, what is it all about? A gift by hand is fantastic, no doubt. “I think it’s better to make gifts because [...]
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