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Back to the present

When looking back at old science fiction movies, some of the technology may seem pretty far-fetched, but there’s plenty of tech nowadays that was predicted by past sci-fi films. Back to the Future 2, which is set in 2015,  is one of the [...]

Givin’ me an Art Attack

By Payton Madson The Georgetown Art Attack is a monthly art walk that allows the public to explore the studios, shops, and trailers that house many local artists. “What distinguishes the Georgetown Art Attack from similar art walks in other [...]

Spanish pop culture assists Peterson’s students

By Robyn McLuen Señor William Peterson furthers his students’ understanding of the Spanish language by utilizing familiar music and movies to show progress in comprehension. After students like sophomore Isha Singh began to overcome the [...]

AP Art discovers home at RAHS

Despite the school being known predominantly known for its stellar STEM program, a small portion of RAHS’ students have taken up the AP Art course. Garrett Shiroma, the chemistry teacher at RAHS, has been interested in art since his high [...]

Film Club grows into its third year

Film club is well-known throughout the school, marked by its passionate members and leaders. They meet every Monday after school in Jacob Savishinsky’s room under the student leadership of Nick Tucker and Nick Johnson. “I like being able [...]

Artists struggle to find a place in STEM school

Artists like Alexis Chavez are rare finds at STEM schools, and they face numerous challenges while balancing art and academic work. “Being an artist at a STEM school is like being a needle in a haystack,” said Chavez. “There are so few [...]

The sound of (pirated) music

  Students have many different ways of listening to music, whether it be streaming sites such as Spotify or Pandora, legal sites such as Google Play and iTunes, or illegal websites such as The Pirate Bay and Megaupload. Students don’t [...]

Artistic media eradicates summertime sadness

With homework loads becoming lighter and summer drawing nearer, students will have more time to enjoy new movies, performances, and events. Films are one of the highest recognized forms of entertainment present and popularity continues to increase [...]

A little more than airplane noise

The city of Seattle is known for many things, including Starbucks coffee, green energy, the sounds of jets coming and going, and last but not least, a variety of cultural music. Especially in the summertime, the city is buzzing with the tunes [...]

Smile for 100 Days

As the end of the year approaches, the 100 Happy Days challenge, an online trend to encourage positive thinking, gives students the boost they need to make it to the finish line. The idea of the 100 Happy Days challenge is simply to upload [...]

The Phoenix Flyer triple dog dares you

The Phoenix Flyer wants to help you keep your summer interesting. If you’re having a boring day or have nothing to do, grab this list and complete a couple of dares. Not only are they fun, but if you earn the most points, you win a pizza [...]
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