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A little more than airplane noise

The city of Seattle is known for many things, including Starbucks coffee, green energy, the sounds of jets coming and going, and last but not least, a variety of cultural music. Especially in the summertime, the city is buzzing with the tunes [...]

Smile for 100 Days

As the end of the year approaches, the 100 Happy Days challenge, an online trend to encourage positive thinking, gives students the boost they need to make it to the finish line. The idea of the 100 Happy Days challenge is simply to upload [...]

The Phoenix Flyer triple dog dares you

The Phoenix Flyer wants to help you keep your summer interesting. If you’re having a boring day or have nothing to do, grab this list and complete a couple of dares. Not only are they fun, but if you earn the most points, you win a pizza [...]

Lit Night compromised

With so many changes taking place this school year, senior class events are also being challenged by adjustments to the end of the year calendar. New plans have been put in place to continue traditions for the senior class. One change is that [...]

Musical craze emerges at RAHS

RAHS students are getting in a jiggy spring fever with a musical soundtrack. A music club has recently been formed at school with several bands starting to bond together in wake of musical fascination.   Sophomore Ethan Fuller and senior [...]

Georgetown plays music for all ears

Following the recent rise of musical awareness caused by growing popularity of local artists, Georgetown has become a hotbed for rising musicians, concerts, and knowledge of the arts. A growing music community presents opportunities for people [...]

Contemplating connections: Searching for Sherlock

Like many stories and characters that have become popular in our society, the series based on the character of Sherlock Holmes has been brought to life by the connection between the media representations and the approval today’s society has [...]


With a thriving and lively community at RAHS, it is no lie that the students here love the everlasting pop culture phenomenons known as graphic novels, superheroes, anime, and conventions.   Graphic novels and comics have come a long way [...]

Storyboards detail supporters’ motivations

A new decoration has recently begun to be put up in the halls for students to look at while walking from class to class. Storyboards share the history of the main contributors of the school, and will continue to be put up to thank companies [...]

Playing on the nerves

Students at Raisbeck Aviation High School often find themselves to be stressed and overwhelmed, and can sometimes have trouble figuring out how to relieve that stress.   In addition to studying, working on projects and participating in [...]

Good movies, bad science

At RAHS, our educators and students share their thoughts about the unrealistic and inaccurate science in the new sci-fi films Gravity and Ender’s Game.   The magnificent world of visual effects and silicone make-up is one to fall in [...]
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