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When school goes away the kids can play

As the school year comes to a close and summer draws nearer, busy schedules for some may inevitably become blank canvases of boredom, waiting for a hero. Whether that hero be a car enthusiast who spends numerous hours preparing their ride for [...]

Summer Movie Marathon

Summer movies often end up being some of the biggest blockbusters of the year. This season there is a large selection of films in different genres. With this array of films, there will be a movie that interests everyone. Marvel’s Ant Man [...]

Advertising in cyberspace

Everybody knows what websites are, but not everybody knows how to make them. Finding the proper software to create a website can be difficult. And invariably, indecision sets in when the existence of thousands of these programs are brought [...]

Big bands jam their way into Seattle

During the spring and summer, there is a significant increase in concerts and events that come through Seattle. Students at RAHS are already buying tickets and getting pumped for their favorite bands’ concerts. Some of the bigger names coming [...]

Cartoons relax teenageers and children alike

Many high schoolers act like mature adults, but everyone has their guilty pleasures. Most people know that when you’re sad and not feeling your best, you can turn on Netflix and watch Dora the Explorer or Blue’s Clues. It’s a pleasant [...]

Skatepark hides right around the corner

The River City Skatepark hides away, enclosed in trees, a freeway and nearby buildings. Unknown by many, the park went into construction after much time of persistence and was officially opened in 2008. Combining art and physical activity, [...]

Hallway storyboards spark inspiration for fellow students

Founders surrounding the local aeronautical community implement their own stories into the RAHS hallways and inspire students with outstanding feats and accomplishments which were meant to leave a lasting impact on STEM education. Though this [...]

Con you dig it?

Seattle is known for many things, but perhaps one of the most obvious in our school culture is our comic and anime (Japanese cartoons) conventions. Many RAHS students attend these conventions annually, and while they may be intimidating to [...]

Museum showing an artistic side

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Museum of Flight will have 25 six-foot tall astronaut models decorated by local and student artists and placed around the Seattle area. Rachel Dreeben is a promotions coordinator at the Museum. “The [...]

League of Legends Takes the World by Storm

An astonishing 67 million people play League of Legends every month, amounting to almost one percent of the Earth’s population. This staggering statistic makes League of Legends the most popular game on Earth. The game is classified as a [...]

Students come into the holiday season eager to show their skills

It’s the holiday season and people at RAHS have different ways to express their talents through performing arts.Students are dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. Not every band student is committed, but junior Noah Voges gets [...]
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